Saturday, 31 December 2011

And a Happy New Year!

There's only a handful of hours left! We're reaching another magickal time in our lives... the passing of yet another year for our Mundane counterparts, and perhaps even ourselves. The New Year is perhaps the closest thing to a global holiday as the world will ever get... at least for now. Who knows what will happen during the mysterious year of 2012?

As with tradition, people come up with New Years resolutions! Do you remember what resolution you made last year? Did you keep it? I certainly didn't. The key to making good resolutions is to be specific and not be vague! Saying "I play to lose weight" leaves far too much wiggle room. Are you padding yourself for the fall of failure? Saying something like, "I plan to lose 5lb every month". And make sure you do the research before committing yourself to a plan.

"Wow!" You might be saying to yourself. "So what will you plan for the New Year?"

My resolutions are as follows:

1. Obtain a New Job. I'm going to need something that pays a but more (or at the very least, allows me to work full-time) in order to keep up the place Lore and I have. Also, something fresh and new for the new year is always a good thing.

2. Get a car. The public transportation in Texas is absolutely horrible. Going to need a car to get around. This can come into play anytime after I get a job. The new job takes priority.

3. Dedicate one day a week to University Witch. In the later months, I felt as if my activity was lessening. I don't love University Witch any less! I had originally put "dedicate more time", but I saw myself about to fall into that vague trap! I just need to make sure to get on the ball and keep up with it, and try and offer new, fresh things. And speaking of new and fresh things...

4. Start on the Clover Comic. I've been pushing it off, but the longer I do, the worse it will be. I am going to make the Clover Comic the first post of the new year. And this is a good resolution I can fill out immediately! So be on the look out!

5. Love Thyself. This is an important rule for me. Sometimes I feel as if I am not the greatest person, or sometimes even a failure of one, but I need to realize that, as long as I love myself, and that there are people who love me, that I shouldn't hate myself, or be afraid. As long as I think I can be something great, I can keep on living. And remember, for everyone else who may feel the same, that if anything, you can count on the power of magick to help you though! University Witch, and Magick Users University, can always be your home!

To all Witches and Mundanes in the world,

Have a Happy New Year!

With Love,

Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

20th Spell - Behold! The Magickal Housewife!

The New Year was fast approaching, and I knew that I needed to work on some major changes in my life, and everything surrounding it. For instance...

Lets pretend I can draw for a moment and assume this is garbage.
...Oh, wait.

I really needed to clean.

I was waiting for the right opportunity, and it came to me on Tuesday, the 27th of December. What luck! It was close to the end of the year, so this was the perfect time to begin my venture. Lore was going to be out for the day with her friends, so I rolled up my theoretical sleeves and started doing what I've probably been meaning to do since we moved into this place.

Really, really clean.

I didn't know where to start—that was how overwhelming the mess was. Since Lore's younger brother was going to be staying for a bit at our apartment come this week, I decided to start on the living room, since that was where he was going to be sleeping at. It only made sense that was where I planned on starting my Feng Shui journey.

As soon as I started cleaning... it felt awesome.

I could literally feel all of the built up negativity that had been lingering in the apartment vanishing. I ruffled up messy counter tops, deciding to start simple and just get rid of any trash. Now, when you think trash, you think, well... what goes into the bin everyday. No, we didn't just have garbage laying around everywhere. But at the same time, we did.

Old receipts, junk mail, the coupon circulars, old magazines, paycheck stubs, old sketches, directions to people's houses, business cards we would never look at, wrapping paper and tissue paper from Christmas... nothing escaped my purifying gaze as I plowed through the living room, dining room, and bar area. I was slowly becoming shocked about just how much crap was lying around!

After almost two hours, I finally eliminated all of the trash in the living and dining room.

I was the goddamn goddess of this condominium!

I sat down, taking a breather from all the work I had been doing. Just by eliminating trash, this place looked so much better! It seemed that the mess was really just clutter that had taken over everything. Now, it was a matter of starting in one place, and slowly filtering everything into the appropriate rooms. If I was able to get that done, I could target each room of the apartment individually, without worrying that books that needed to be on the shelves in the closet were strewn about the living room, or hairbrushes and the straightening iron was sitting in the living room when they needed to be in the bathroom.

I decided to start in the dining room, since there were things merely sitting on the dining room table... when that was supposed to be the table for eating or, sometimes working as we didn't have an office room or anything of the sort. I kept on stealing glances at the Christmas tree that sat innocently in its corner in the living room. I would have to figure out what to do with it later.

For now, I began in the dining room. I started sorting out things, before I realized the carpet was really catching my attention. The next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees, showing no fear as I reached underneath couches and collect trash and tokens of livelihood. Sure enough, rubbish, rubbish, and more rubbish. I tossed them into another trash bag, now on my third. I even somewhere along the way took off the ornaments from the Christmas tree, moved chairs and vacuumed. I realized we needed a better vacuum than the one we had.

As I cleaned, and the space became, well, actually that, I felt... cleaner. Energized. The more I cleaned, the more invigorated I became. I was dispelling all the negativity that had latched onto my house... and it was glorious!


For some reason, as I kept on cleaning, its purifying abilities soared me to higher spirits. I couldn't wait for Lore to get home... maybe she would feel it too. Suddenly, the ability to succeed in everything I tried or did seemed to come soaring at me. Every moment I cleaned, I felt great.

Thinking of cleaning from a magickal perspective made it easier for me, as well. Imaging myself as some kind of scholarly mage utilizing my awesome techniques to purge the demons that dwelled in my abode certainly made it all the more interesting.

There's still a lot more to do, but, at least now, the living room and dining room are clean!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Yule from University Witch!

Seasons Greetings from University Witch!

Here are a few words from the witches here at University Witch! May all of you Witches have a great Yule, and to all Mundanes, Happy Holidays! ♥

May all your wishes come true this holiday season.

Soull Soothslayer, Lore Sagemaker, and Clover ♥

Want to make your own holiday cheer like the ones above? Head over to Bonnie Games and create your own!

Monday, 12 December 2011

19th Spell - What Santa Stands For

This is a poem I wrote about what happened to me at work. I hope this can inspire you to make sure you have a happy Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah... whatever you celebrate, and to make kind choices this holiday season.

What Santa Stands For

Twas the night before Sunday
And all through the mall
All the people were shopping
Guest Services standing tall.

When the phone suddenly rang
And I answered it true:
“You've reached Guest Services
How may I help you?”

The woman on the line
Her voice cold, she would relay:
“I'd like to file a complaint.”
Much to my dismay.

I pulled out the paper and pen
To get started
And this was the story
She greatly departed:

On the mall's second floor
Where Santa Claus was
Where the children were lined up
For their pictures, all abuzz.

After a two hour wait
They finally got through.
The pictures were taken
But oh, what to do?!

She had left her purse carside,
No money to pay
So she whipped out her cell phone
For one right away

But one of the helpers
They laughed in her face!
And stepped in her way
Right in front of her place.

And humiliated, she left
With her child so sad
But there was still one last thing
That he wished to be had.

The five-year-old boy
With his smile so bright
Said: “May I have one of Santa's
Cookies tonight?”

So the mother, though miffed
Paused to let him take the treat
But this was the kicker
What truly rang defeat!

The girl with the plate
Smiled back and then said:
“Did you pay for a picture?”
And the mom shook her head.

And as the boy was reaching
For that glimmering tray
The girl did what I feared:
She pulled it away!

“Unless you pay for a picture
You can't have a sweet.”
And the mother with stunned eyes
Was glued to the feet.

I could hear the mother seething
Though she said nothing at all
And with these final words
She ended the call:

“Thank you for helping
I hope something can be done
To placate my still crying child
My son.

“I had said Santa stands for giving
And charity too
And his day with him was ruined
Don't you think so too?”

And she hung up the phone
What could I say? She was right!
Merry Christmas to all
And no cookies tonight.

Have a Happy Yule and Happy Holidays.
Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Magick in Everyday Life - Santeria Curse

This is a new segment: Magick in Everyday Life. While it is not a lifestlye post, due to the fact that it is not my own everyday life, these posts are. Well. You're about to see.

I found this news article on the Huffington Post. It seems someone wanted to use a little magick to get what they wanted... and it backfired... big time.

Here is the article itself: it is only being copypasted here in case the link above becomes broken or the article is taken down, and is in no way my own writing.

Two North Miami Beach Police Department employees have been fired
for plotting to put a Santeria curse on the city manager.

Officer Elizabeth Torres, a 24-year veteran of the police department, 
and Yvonne Rodriguez, an office manager for police chief Larry Gomer, 
were caught plotting to use birdseed to cast a spell to make Lyndon 
Bonner "go away" in August before a round of planned departmental layoffs.
Torres told Rodriguez she had previous success with the curse, having
 made her son and daughter move out by sprinkling it on the front porch
 of their home, according to the police report.
Investigators say the pair were upset with the "negative climate" in the
 department, and hatched a plan to similarly curse Bonner by gaining 
access to his office. Torres admitted to police that she brought the 
birdseed to Rodriguez, then approached janitor Esther Villanueva, 
asking her to sprinkle the birdseed in Bonner's office as she cleaned.
The two were busted when Villanueva reported the incident to a supervisor. 
Though Torres confessed to the plan, she told investigators it was just a 
superstitious idea and the pair meant no harm.
"It was kind of a joke, kind of a superstition," she said, according to 
interview transcripts. "It did have bases in religious knowledge I had from
before...As misguided as it may seem, this idea popped into my head, 
and I thought, 'Well, it can't hurt anybody.'"
"Ultimately, the city manager really doesn't have anything to worry 
about. In Santeria, you can't just spread bird seed and make the 
supernatural do what you want it to do," Michelle Moldonaldo, a Professor
 in Religious Studies, told WSVN.
The pair, who were fired last week, can appeal their terminations.

I say this in the best way: this is what makes being a witch worth it. Hearing about hilarious things like that.

I decided to post this article because it brought up something very interesting: the power of belief. The Professor was correct: you cannot make the supernatural do what you wish it to. Magick, spell work, etc, is merely a powerful, energy-enforced prayer to the God and Goddess to have the odds work in your favor. just like belief, these people were not tried because many did not have belief in the curse that the individuals were attempting to place--there found no real threat to it. But did you notice how their boss did?

Back in the day, as most witches know, being accused of witchcraft was a devastating crime, which would easily lead to being tortured and even eventually killed. However, it seems even things as horrible as curses can appeal to even those whom are not full-on believers of magick. It would seem like a great thing, wouldn't it? The ability to cast magick and do whatever you want...

I wonder if these two knew about the Wiccan Rede, huh? Hahaha~

Monday, 28 November 2011

History of Divination - Pyromancy

Ready for a little divination? Here at Magick Users University, we want to be able to instill a little learning one article at a time. History of Divination is a great class, and maybe with it you will find the divination technique for you! Good to see you've joined us! So what's on the agenda for today? Lets find out!

“Honey, I predict the flames in the kitchen say... we're not going to have a kitchen in ten minutes.”

+ A Little History
So what is pyromancy? Pyromancy is as it sounds: it is the art of divination using fire and flames. Technically, the diviner uses signs they see within the flames in order to predict the future or outcome of events, or see back into past events for answers or revelations.

There are some publications that denote that this mystic art originally used a sacred flame. What could possibly make the flame sacred? The flames used while burning human and animal sacrifices were a good start. However, fire is known for ritual cleansing and purification. Perhaps the mere power of fire made it a candidate for use in divination. A second alternative was to use the flames that were ignited in torches.

+ Pyromancy Today
With the usage of flame, and the ability to make fire with literally anything, pyromancy can be easy to do, albeit dangerous. Pyromancy in bonfires during a Sabbat is probably the most common, as it is a large enough flame to divine and see signs within. Also, if you have a fireplace, during the winter it could be something fun to do while huddling around to fight off the cold.

+ How to Pyromance
So how does one read the flames? It is up to the diviners discretion as to what the signs tell them, however, here are a few things to take into account.

The color of the flame. Colors already have presence in magick, with red for power, and blue for calming... such colors are also within fire, so keeping in mind the colors you primarily see is important.

How high the flames are. Sometimes you can get an intense spiking flame, other times is low to the ground.

The way it burns, of course. Is it slow burning? Is it eating away quickly at the articles used to keep it aflame? Its it tilting? Did it suddenly go out? While the latter was considered a bad omen, all of them are taken into account. When you do your own divination, write down what you feel the flames mean to you! It can help you complie your own resource as to what you see within the flames, and soon, you'll be telling your relatives what you see at the Yule Log burning.

+ Magick Users University Approved Resources
The Occult Sciences (1855), by Edward Smedley
The Complete Manuel of Occult Divination: Volume One (1912), by A.E. Waite

We here at Magick User's University hope this lesson has broadened your horizons! Make sure to follow us on Twitter or check us out on Tumblr!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Witch's Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Its time to strap in for the holiday season. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our American readers, and then the day after is the dreaded Black (magick?) Friday! In order to assure complete and total nirvana, we are putting up a small list of tips for these upcoming two days! So, what can one as a witch do to assure greatness? Well... University Witch offers up just one thing!

1. Don't cast spells.
You might be surprised to see that this is the first on the list, but allow me to enlighten you. This of everything happening around you. You might have family over. You could be taking a break from getting that turkey ready, or putting together your purse for Black Magick Friday. You might be rushing about, or maybe the other members of your house are as they prepare for the festivities. With all of this spare energy being strewn about, this is probably the worst time for doing any sort of spell casting. Casting spells take energy, concentration, and most of all, a calm spirit. By doing this, you are just asking for things to go awry.

2. Do take the time to thank your patrons.
In a time of family, health, and wealth, thanking your patron deities for all they have done for you so care is always a good step in deepening your bond with them (or buttering them up for that prosperity spell you're going to cast). Before digging into your food, just thank them that you're still a witch before digging in. There's no harm in that.

3. Don't eat too much.
This is basic knowledge. While you want to pray to your patrons, you don't want to have to bow down and offer tribute to the one that lives in the bathroom, right?

4. Do wear an amulet on Black Magick Friday.
While spellcasting may not be in your best interest, passive magick and “ready made” magick are always handy, especially on Black Magick Friday. You can always read stories of people being trampled and getting hurt because of the “amazing sales” going on. If you are one of the people who partake in this shopping bonanza, please do yourself a favor and wear an amulet before you head out. It is of course, great for your protection, and all you have to do is wear it. It does the work for you.

5. Don't forget... to have fun.
While this holiday may be stressful, make sure you are always enjoying yourself. If you're not, there's no reason to do it!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and may the God and Goddess be with you!

Soull Soothslayer

Monday, 21 November 2011

18th Spell - The Power of Magick

There are times as a witch, in which magick is so close, and yet so far.

Yesterday, I was in pain.

Like this only fifty-billion-trillion times worse.

I was having... you know. Those kinds of pains. Cramps. And thus, I awoke a little before 6am, to the pounding of my stomach... and the next door neighbor playing obnoxiously loud music.

Lore was asleep beside me. I lay in bed for a little, hoping to get back to sleep, before the irresistible urge of having to go and use the bathroom hit me, and I was forced to get up. I heard Lore move beside me, waking up. Honestly, the next hour or so was a blur of me using the bathroom, me groaning in pain, and Lore bringing me a heat pad she conjured up out of heated dry rice and a washcloth.

Rice never felt so good.

Its like, once I feel better I also have the means to make breakfast.

After Lore called the police on the neighbors playing their music (this has happened a few times before), and I watched her move around and swear all over the kitchen, she finally managed to head back to bed to get some sleep. During that time, I took an Excedrin in efforts to fight off the pain.

Normally, I can take half the dosage, because I just don't take any kind of medication that often. But, as I went to sit in the living room so I didn't disturb Lore by tossing around, the hours passed.

Eight rolled around.

Then nine.

The Excedrin didn't work.

I was still in agony. So I just took another, now up to the normal dosage. That was around 9:30am. I made coffee for Lore, since she was getting up to head off to work.

But the pain didn't cease.

Lore made a cup of lavender tea for me, holding it under my nose for me to sniff it as I hunched over one of the chairs in the living room.

"Lavender tea relaxes the muscles," Said the Kitchen Witch, giving me a pitying look. "...I'm sorry I can't do anything else for you."

And off to work she went.

It was as I was laying on the couch, waiting for my friend Kieran to come over with a stronger pain medication, that a thought struck me:

Why didn't I use magick to help me?

Wow, yeah. Duh, self.

But it was as those thoughts came to me, that I realized a flaw in my logic. I wanted to count on magick to heal me, but I was in so much pain, I didn't really believe it could help me. Normally, I relied on magick first, then turned to drugs (kind of like most rappers before they appear in court), but this time, I had done it the other way around and relied on painkillers first.

If I didn't believe in my own magick, surely... it wouldn't work. Admittedly, I also couldn't muster up the strength to even get off the couch to get my wand.

...And I had also started shouting out expletives and taking the patron's name in vain. Magick probably wasn't going to do much for me today.

"WHY HAS GOD FORSAKEN ME?!" <-- Actual quote

Saturday, 29 October 2011

17th Spell - For Sale, Vampire Blood, Cheap

Lore and I were headed out to Sprouts for some groceries, but it was on our way that we walked passed the Dollar Tree, and within its clear glass walls stood a magnificent display of Halloween-themed decorations. Its cheap plastic Shangri-La was the most glorious I had seen since the Sabbat came to mind.

“Lore!” I exclaimed, grasping her arm with a bright smile. “Can we go inside before we go to Sprouts? Please? Pretty please?”

Lore glanced down at me, and, in a tone that said she would humor me, replied, “Yeah, sure. Lets go then. We got time.”

It was within the store that we purchased a goblet that read “Vampire Blood” on it. It matched the ones I had gotten that said “Witches Brew” and “Spider Venom” last time. Also, since our ice cube trays were starting to crack, we spotted a silicone one that made ice cubes in the shape of pumpkins.

“Oh, this is cute!” I exclaimed as Lore picked it up. “Lets get it!”

We wandered around the store for a bit more (mainly because its always interesting to see what's lurking in a dollar store). I asked Lore if we needed anything from here before we went to Sprouts. As we headed down an aisle, we paused by all the leg razors, and I snagged a pack before heading to the line.

The cashier scanned all of our items, and looked down at them for a brief moment with a perplexed look on his face. Lore looked down as well, before she burst out laughing.

“What?” I asked, confused, before the cashier picked the items up as he placed them in the back, going, “Huh, Vampire's Blood goblet—I wonder who's blood that's gonna be—oh, and some ice cubes to keep it all chilled and some razors...looks like someone's gonna be cuttin' tonight.”

The other people in the line looked as us as all three of us started laughing. The collection of items reminded me of a 3am Wal-Mart purchase... but it was only 7 in the evening at this point. But strange things like this happen once in awhile. Lore and I snickered about it with one another as we made our way into Sprouts.

Monday is the big day! ♥ May all your Samhain's be merry!

Love, Soull~

Looking for something to do for Samhain? Check out my guest post on the Pagan blog A Witchy Life to brew up some ideas to make your Halloween fun!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Amaterasu

Glad to see you could join us in class today! Here at Magick Users University, we strive to promote education as well as fun in our classes! Today, we'll be bringing you a new patron deity!

Today's honorable goddess is...!

*~ + AMATERASU + ~ *

She'll outshine you, always.

+ About Amaterasu
Amaterasu is a Japanese goddess who represents (or is) the sun for the Shinto religion in Japan. She is one of their principal deities, to the point where people worship her solely. That group is widely known as “the Cult of the Sun”. Shinto is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people, which carries and connects the traditions of ancient Japan and modern day Japan.

Her full name is Amaterasu-omikami, (天照大神-天照大御神) which means “the great August kami who shines in Heaven”. Kami means “spirit”, though the word “god” is also used synonymously (so one could assume it would mean a “higher” spirit than of say a mortal).

She is known to be a beautiful and radiant goddess, born from the left eye of the god Izanagi as he purified himself, whom then went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain. She was so bright ad radiant that he sent her up a long ladder to the Celestial Plain, where she has ruled ever since. However, the world was shielded in a period of darkness when he brother, the god of storms, created a stirring on earth so noisy it frightened the beautiful Amaterasu, and she hid in a cave and covered it with a rock. It blotted out her rays, covering everything in shadow.

However, the trickster god's dancing beckoned her out of her cave. A mirror had been hung in front of it, and, curious to see the beautiful light she saw (which was merely her own brilliant reflection) closer, she came out, bringing light to the world once more.

+ So what makes Amaterasu patron goddess material?

She is an important part of Shinto religion, thus making her a very prominent goddess and deity. Being the goddess of the sun, you can be sure that Amaterasu will bring beauty, light, and clarity to your life and magick, along with also things like warmth, radiance, and growth.

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Amaterasu (天照)
Alternative Names: N/A
Nationality: Japanese (Shinto)
Type: Sun Goddess
Physical Appearance: A typical Japanese beauty with pale skin, black hair, and constantly radiant
Colors: Red, white, and gold/yellow
Day of the Week: Sunday
Attributes: Radiance, beauty, sun magick, warmth, and growth

Want to see any specific gods or goddess in Patron Dieties 101? Leave a comment here, or if you're into more Zany antics, check us out on Tumblr!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

16th Spell - The Horrors of the Cauldron Starter

There's a monster in my kitchen.

Its been there since Saturday night, sitting there innocently on the countertop, as if it just belongs there. As I tend to stay out of the kitchen (as it is the Kitchen Witch, Lore's domain), normally, I am left undisturbed by the beast, as long as I keep close to the entrance and dare not wander towards the oven or microwave area. Not that I would want to.

I would be breathing the same air.

My own morbid curiosity keeps me going into the kitchen to spare a glance towards it. Lore is the only one who can tame the creature. She has to feed it everyday, or else... it will die.

"Let it die," I grumble as Lore leaves her place close to me in order to feed it. I was crestfallen that I had mentioned the time last night ("Wow, its almost eleven!"), and my red-headed companion rose, quickly, to feed it.

"It needed to eat at 10:30," Lore stated, and moved into the kitchen.

"It needed to die at 10:30," I muttered under my breath, pouting towards the screen of my computer. Lore luckily didn't hear me. I tapped the side of my Toshiba laptop in thought. I could heard her rummaging around, pulling out its food. Gods. Was it truly necessary to keep it alive?!

"Wanna watch me feed it?" She asked from the kitchen. I could almost hear the grin in her voice. She knew. She had to have known; it disgusted me.

"No," I called back in a pointed tone. I may have even stuck my tongue out in her direction. I don't remember. "No, I don't. It stinks."

And it did. The beast reeked. Every time I wandered past the kitchen area, just a smidgen into its domain, it would fight back, assault my senses with its overwhelming stench. While Lore had been napping, I walked just shy of it, and when I caught its stench, my body reacted: I swung at it, mercilessly, beating the ever living pungent out of its invisible stick-army.

[ Insert gratuitous flowing combat hair ]

However, my curiosity had gotten the better of me once again. At Lore's offer to watch her feed the beast, I ended up pulling myself away from the couch tentatively. I padded to the kitchen, peeking over her shoulder just as she paused by the counter, grasping a hold of its cage, and unleashed it.  


It was...!

"It's breathing!" I let out, and instantly shrank back as the monster unleashed a bubbling pop from the bowels of its chunky, porous flesh. Lore let a smile pull on her face as she started scooping the monster out from its cage, and I watched with wide eyes as it stretched out, long and just, ugh. Gross. "You have to feed that thing?"

"Yeah, or it'll die," Lore stated, slopping parts of the monster into a plastic bag. I watched her with morbid fascination as she explained. "...If you let it sit without food for too long, it'll die. It eats flour. So, I hafta scoop some out," She did so whilst explaining, "And toss it in here, and then, refill the rest of the bowl with fresh flour so it can feed on it."

"That..." I let out, backing out of the kitchen. "...Is gross."

"The best part," Lore told me later, "...Is that its used to make really awesome pancakes and cinnamon rolls. Gives it flavor. But hey, think about it this way. You feed it, and in turn, it feeds you."

"Oh yes," I stated from over the ice cream I had been eating. "...That sounds lovely." Gods, I hate yeast.

Despite my best intentions to keep the beast Lore affectionately named "Len" out of my head, I had dreams of the monster gumming at my feet.

EDIT: (10/7/11)
I walked into the kitchen today in order to start putting away the dishes. The container the beast was in, as I walked innocently by, f**king exploded. EXPLODED out of its container. I screamed (kind of? It was more like a squeal-yelp-howl... thingy) and ran out.

It was reaching out to grab me with its arms, dammit!


 Happy Samhain/Halloween!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Famous Witches: Harry Potter

Welcome to another course at Magick Users University, Famous Witches: Real and Fictional. This course is a great combination of informational and fun, as there are plenty of witches in the real world and of course, in literature, movies, and other media. Some will be familiar, others new, but all interesting. We hope you enjoy!

In celebration of the end of the Harry Potter franchise, and the start of Rowling's newest Harry Potter project, we bring you the title character!


Harry Potter
The Boy Who Lived

Whether people love him or hate him, there are few whom do not know of him!

+ So who is Harry Potter?
Harry Potter is a character created by the writer J.K Rowling. His adventures in the magical Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, spans over seven books. These books have spawned out eight movies, three other offshoot books (such as Tales of Beetle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages), and a variety of other merchandise.

Harry Potter was born a wizard, however lived a rather depressing life with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, the Dursleys in a small cupboard under the stairs. However, on his eleventh birthday, he finds out from the half-giant Hagrid that he is actually a wizard due to his parents, and has been waiting the day to go to Hogwarts. Without anything better to do (it seemed legit), Harry goes off with Hagrid in efforts to start life anew. However, turns out his parents were murdered by the evil wizard Voldemort (known as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), and Harry barely escaped death, and was left with the iconic, lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Throughout his days at Hogwarts, Harry makes friends and many foes, ultimately in efforts to finally bring an end of Voldmort's reign of terror and free the wizarding world from its darkest hours. With the looks of his father, but the green eyes of his mother, Harry Potter is a witch—sorry, wizard—whose story and adventures not only changed the world he lived in... but even our world's perception on magick as well.

+ What makes him special?
Harry is one of those “born witches”—wizard, sorry Harry—who is characterized by his bravery, heroics, and sense of justice. He has reached an iconic status, even in the Neopagan world (witches even call non-magick using people Muggles now!).

When Harry Potter first reached popularity, there was much uproar from Christian activist about the nature of the series, depicting the series as something that could potentially corrupt children from the faith, and that it was a blatant display of evil and, of course, witchcraft. However, despite these claims, Harry Potter pressed on in his fight against Voldemort. Really, Harry's moralistic battle between good-an-evil should be what stands out.

Harry is also special in the fact that he fights for what he believes in. Such an act is easier said than done, especially in the face of people whom would kill you for defending your rights. Harry Potter is a young wi...zard, whom we could all potentially look up to.

+ Where can I learn more about Harry Potter?
You can easily learn more about Harry Potter from the internet, reading the books, and of course, the movies for those whom are not book readers. For those whom has already indulged in this, might I suggest Pottermore, which opens up for the public come this October! I have already registered for it early and have done a lot of beta testing for the opening! However, I plan on entering with my University Witch account as soon as the doors open. If you want, you can follow along with me in October, and even join as my friend! My member name is GoldProphecy56!

+ Supernatural Statistics:
Name: Harry James Potter
Other Names: The Boy Who Lives
D.O.B: July 31st
Sign: Leo
Alliance: Lawful Good
Known for: Surviving Voldemort's curse, his “signature” spell Expelliarmus
Familiar: Hedwig, his owl (deceased)
Tool of Choice: Holly wand with phoenix feather core

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy Early Samhain!

Getting into the spirit of Samhain? I know I am! ♥

As an early Samhain wish from the witches at Magick Users University, here is a little fun-filled scroll down from us to you! Please enjoy as much as Lore did, hahahaa! I'm still in stitches here.

Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

15th Spell - The True Origin of the Princess

This is the story of what it means to be a Princess.

It was last night, under the full moon, that I fell while trying to hurriedly cross the street, and I hurt my foot. Badly. I even broke my shoe. This is why people think crazies are out on the full moon. Because crazy stuff will happen. We should all be cautious, especially us magick-folk.

Lore, juggling our Chinese takeout in one hand, managed to help me up and to the median of the road. Cars drove past us as I sat in the tiny little space, separating me from being alive and a crushed explosion of red roadkill. A man saw me in peril and helped Lore get me across the rest of the street before leaving, and there I sat.

“...This hurts,” I blandly stated. My usual eloquence, and a large chunk of my pride, was shot.

“Do you need help?” Lore asked again, looking me over.

“I can walk,” I stated in an assured tone, but it was then that two other women, a mother and her daughter, walked over. Lo behold! The mother was one of Lore's classmates at Le Cordon Bleu. She had recognized Lore's reddish hair from the street side. Perhaps easy to see in the full moon's light, I suspected.

I managed to struggle to my feet. Our nights plans were ruined: get the takeout, grab a movie and some drinks, and recline and rest easy in our cozy little apartment. Now, I would have to put on a brave face if I wanted to make it across the street to the shimmering golden beacon that was 7-11 in order to obtain my cans of Arizona Fruit Punch.

“I can walk,” I let out again, but the three didn't listen to me. Instead, they ushered me into the van, and off we drove. I did my best to keep a scowl off my face, instead deciding on a pleasant smile and idle chit-chat while Lore walked into the store, grabbing our drinks. She didn't see a movie for us to watch.

When her friend dropped us off at our apartment, oh dear. I shot a look up at the carpeted stairway that led to our second-floor condominium as Lore disappeared to put everything down, and then head back to me to retrieve me.

“Don't put too much stress on it,” She chided me. I wanted to snap at her to stop treating me like some child, but I knew it wouldn't do any good for either of us. She was worried, and I was hurt, and while her advice was the correct advice, I didn't want her to be telling me stuff I already knew! I had been having such a good week. And now this? I broke my freaking shoe.

This, my friends, is a good lesson in humility. My night was all right—I snuggled helplessly against Lore and watched some early South Park episodes on Netflix. I had wanted dessert, but in order to go get it I would have to walk to the store—and I didn't want Lore to go and do it. She was already doing enough in her efforts to help me.

And now I sit here on our beautiful, floral, Victorian-inspired couch, with a hurt leg, a pitiful expression, and thoughts.

A lot of media today tells you what it means to be a Princess. It means that you get what you want. However, when you think about it, no matter how rich, or privileged, or well-off someone is, it can't be theoretically possible to always get what you want.

I always considered Lore to be my knight in slightly rusted armor, but always charging towards me with a smile, always being there for me. Many times during our time together has she done the charming knightly duty of sweeping meoff my feet. However, this time it was quite literally, as I couldn't really walk. And while I was annoyed, put-off, and being tended to despite my increasing aggravation, I realized what being a Princess really meant.

Being a Princess is getting what you need, whether you like it or not.

Because no Princess should have to go without.

Admittedly, however, I feel a bit like Cinderella. I could really use a fairy god mother right now.

...What am I going to do about my shoe?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Spellcraft 101 - Pauper-to-Prince Prosperity Box

Its time to break out the fun stuff guys! Magick User's University is all about interesting crafts that can be useful during your travel through the world of Magick. Today, we're going to focus on a project of making a Prosperity Box today in Spellcraft 101.

+ So what is a Prosperity Box?
Lore was the one who actually handed this information down to me from something that her grandmother did. Her grandmother would put money in a box, and stick in a spell or prayer in the box with it, and leave it out in the open to bring in money to the home. Having just moved into our new apartment and attempting to secure jobs, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out.

And, I found out it did an amazing job! I'm happy in my apartment, and with a great new job that I absolutely love, and starting classes in just a couple of days! Because of this, I decided, as a University Witch, to share this spell with all of you, and hope it brings the prosperity you need in your own life! Besides, who couldn't use a bit of prosperity in their life?

+ Pauper-to-Prince Prosperity Box +

This is a pretty short project that you can do at home. You have the option of doing this while burning incense or candles to add some “oomph” to your spell. I personally an fine with merely getting into a quiet area and into the zone before I start.

+ Materials +
A pen or pencil
A box or container

This is a pretty easy project, which is always good. When Lore told me about it, I thought it was a splendid idea! When you think about it, putting precious items or money in a box, pouch, or safe isn't uncommon, is it very common, and thus I felt a bit silly upon hearing it. Why didn't I think of something that simple before? The best part is, the materials are easy to find around the house. I made it because I was looking for a job, and was a bit worried about the financial situation of our new apartment, for which was being paid for by financial aid from school (however, everything else would have to come from our own pocket). You can use it for yourself, for finding a job, pulling more money into your pocket (who doesn't want more money?), and for success in all things you do.

+ One: Get into the right mindset. Remember what the prosperity box is for, and concentrate on that purpose as you collect your materials. When you are done, settle down and start first with the sheet of paper and pen. On here, you will write out a spell for what you want to bring into your life. It can be general, or specific. It all depends on you.

For those whom are not spell inclined, I've written a general one for you below that you can use!

The branches of the Prosperity Tree
Tremble, shake, and shimmer for me
And rain down riches, of jewel and heart
May your good grace and I never part.
So mote it be.

Since this box was for both Lore and I, I wrote down two different poems, both directed to one of our patron gods.

+ Two: After writing out your spell, pull out the box you've chosen.

Mine has an elephant!

Anything you find for a box is fine. Mine is actually a disposable tea caddy made of metal. Why you would want to dispose of it is really beyond me. In fact, I had it for years because I just liked how it looked. The next thing you know, I had a use for it! This is the life of a future shop owner and current pretty-object magpie, haha. Your own box could be something very plain, like an old jewelry box, or a ring box, or even a shoe box if nothing else (if you have younger siblings, their shoes are smaller and thus would be better for this project).

After getting your box, bust out the money! Oh, but wait! What are you putting in there?

The prosperity box will not work if you merely throw a few pennies and nickles in there and call it a day. To give is to receive is the adage, and you need to put forth effort by putting forth some money. Now, we're not talking about like, serious money here. But if should be a noticeable amount, something that you could perhaps miss or say, “I could buy a ____ with that”. Since food is always of importance, our first thought was, “enough to buy a cheap meal”. We're university students, after all. Lore and I put in, I believe, four dollars and change in our mixed currency, United States currency and Canadian currency. Four dollars is a meal at McDonalds (a dollar meal, at least). Apparently, the gods believed it was enough.

Stuff it in the box, and fold up the spell and tuck it in afterward. Close the box. We're almost done!

+ Three: After completing the box, find a place out in the open to put it. We chose our bedside table! It seemed to be the best bet, and there it stays, slowly pulling in good fortune. I think that touching it, thanking it, or even giving it a gentle shake while asking it to bring you good fortune in an endeavor, such as before a job interview, seems to work well! And now, I'm going to go and give it a shake on the publishing of a book, haha! ♥ I hope it works as well for all of you as it has for me!

And there you have it! The first course in Magick User's University, Spellcraft 101. Hope you join us in class again soon!

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Saturday, 20 August 2011

2nd Glamour - Fall 2011 Fashion

Hey there, Witches and Mundanes! I hope so far, everyone has been having a great summer, but enough about that!

This past week, my work held a huge fashion show, and I loved seeing it all come together. They introduced the upcoming fall fashion for this year, and I saw a lot of great things. So! In efforts to keep up with the world around us, but still keep our witchy flair, I felt it was time for another glamour post!

Part of someone's day-to-day lifestyle are the clothes they wear. But what does it mean to dress like a witch?

The path of magick is being who you are, whether you dress up in prestige, luxury brands, or a simple jeans and t-shirt. There is no way to “dress like a witch”--at least, not for the modern day witch.

But every witch wants something a little magickal to wear once in a while. So lets channel some of our inner magick to create styles just for the little witch in you. I don't stick to a price range, but I attempt to make the outfit look classy, but still be affordable. I do put in luxury brands from time-to-time; however, the good thing about those is that there is always something at a more affordable budget that would work just as well. So lets get on with it!

University Witch Guide to Fall Fashion 2011

Fall is here! Which is a busy season for all fashionistas. There's a lot on the runway, people are buying clothes left and right for anything up to school, work, or merely even pleasure. So, lets check out and see everything this fall has to offer! It looks like dressing smart (and I mean literally smart) and sleek are what's in, along with the lovely trench coat! Provided you know how to wear it, that is.

+ The Green Child
When people say “green child”, it doesn't have to mean trapped in an era of love and peace. In fact, this motif can be made very modern with the right accessories and pieces. Show off your relaxed, down-to-earth nature (get it?) with an ensemble like the following!

The tones are neutral, but the green is what really makes it stand out. The skirt and grey tights give it a cute flair, while the lace-up boots shout out to your attune nature with, well, nature! With a touch of peacock feathers and the little hummingbird in the hair, it shows off an appreciation for animals. The trench and solid green tote really round it all off and pulls everything together.

+ The Mundane Impersonator
For those whom want to blend in with our non-magick brethren, this outfit is a perfect blend of neutrality and spark!

Jeans are the staple for any mundane, and these slightly distressed ones show a life of wear and tear (you know, because those mundanes don't have magick to aid them!). The cape with is diagonal lines are slimming, especially with the heels boots, but the glitz and glam every witch needs are hidden! The silver sequin tank is buried underneath the cape, only giving out a hint of shine. The plain gray cap dulls it down a bit, but the silver earrings and faux-scale clutch back it up. All the magick is hidden in the most unsuspecting of places!

+ The Wicked Witch
While your mundane-impersonating sister witch above attempts to hide what's inside, this approach is a little more... out there.

Nothing says wicked witch like the colors green and black. The dull green is in due to the more subdued fall colors, and so the screen print tee does the trick. Add on the punk with the distressed shorts and studded belt, along with some tights to combat the fall chill. The belted boots also match the studded look. Of course, you'll need a good scarf; another splash of green so the color isn't all hidden under the darkness (in your heart?). Finally, a stylish black trench to redefine all trench coats from the basement dweller look back in the early 2000s, and your chain and stud purse to top it all off.

+ The Wizard Apprentice
Fall means back to school, and for the more studious, serious witch, there's no need to not go back in style and keep your pristine, tailored look!

The main clothing articles are fitting for the modest and prim look of the scholarly type: the slacks are a token work staple, the red turtleneck is eye-popping and modest, and of course, the navy blazer with its white trim denotes studiousness, upscale, and provides a polished and tailored look. Oxford pumps are what give away the sense of style: mainly because while they are based of normal oxfords, the pump is an impractical aspect that most fashionable people incorporate into their wardrobe. With the silver watch (to check the time for class or work!), the leather satchel (for all the books and notes on magick we have to cart around), and the black hat to hide under as they bustle down the street, it all ties together. Add on the silver “Tree of Life” necklace for a good luck charm for concentration and academic flourishing.

+ The Little Goddess
There is a beautiful, heavenly little goddess inside of every witch. This outfit is sure to make you feel like you could walk across fluffy clouds, talk to animal familiars, and do just about anything from your heavenly, sweet little perch.

The pale, light colors are what really make this whole outfit stand out. Light, pearly colors are glamorous and whimsical. The lacy white dress is a great starting point, giving the base of feminine frill. The Burberry, tan cape and hidden pattern will only show with wide movements and at the tips—the pattern with automatically give away the upscale value to the attire (though with this look, you already look as if you're worth infinite amounts!). The white, ribbon boots are classy and sweet. The accompanying accessories: the pale purse that matches the dress and cape, and all the gold jewelry pieces make you gleam like a deity. Its that final splash of color, that pale lavender on the ring, that adds a touch of volume to the whole ensemble.

That does it for the fall segment of University Witch! If you're interested in the items, find out where to buy them on our University Witch Polyvore account! Also, make sure to check us out on Tumblr, and join in on the zany antics there!

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