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Intro to Magickal Texts - Amulets & Talismans for Beginners

Intro to Magickal Texts is a course in Magick User's University that strives to promote the reading of material outside of the sight to broaden your own horizon! These books are written by great authors who certainly know their stuff, and can enlighten you in any aspect of magick! From general knowledge to the specifics of witchcraft in general, Intro to Magickal Texts hopes to touch base with them all. Lets see what we have in store for today!

Amulets & Talismans for Beginners
Richard Webster

+ So what is this book about?
This is actually one of two books I own of Richard Webster's, but I decided this one was a good subject for the second session of this course. In another post, I talked about how to create a talisman. While that is a perfectly fine and good example, this book takes it to the next level, and provides the beginner with solid information. It goes over the difference between an amulet, talisman, and lucky charm, as well as providing a lot of what made those objects just that.

In addition to educating the reader, it also goes over how to make, charge, and even properly destroy a talisman. Webster also provides a section gemstones and crystals, for those whom are interested in combining them with their amulet creation. There is also a very small section on magic squares, as well as zodiac tables and planets.

The only vice I personally have with this book is the section on “making” the talisman. It merely provides the things a witch probably already knows: concentration on the project, making sure things correspond to the purpose, etc. However, it provides absolutely no information as to how to actually make one.

But that's all right. I'm sure I'll cover something of the sort in Spellcraft 101. In fact, the flower petal paper can be handy for some pretty talisman creations!

+ Who do you recommend it to?
I highly recommend this book for people who already have a basic grasp of amulets and talismans, but want to expand their knowledge. This book says its for beginners, but I'm inclined to disagree on behalf of the lack of explanation on how to create a talisman or amulet. Of course, for the later you can also pick up books on jewelry making. Still, its a great book for people who want to learn more about it and introduce the concept of amulets and talismans into their magickal lifestyle.

+ So where can I buy it?
After exhausting bookstores, check it out on Llewellyn's website!

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Spellcraft 101 - Witch Bottle

Its time to break out the fun stuff guys! Magick User's University is all about interesting crafts that can be useful during your travel through the world of Magick. Of course, not every spell is filled with beauty and sparkles. Some of those spells can be downright nitty and gritty. Today, we're going to focus on a project of making a Witch Bottle today in Spellcraft 101.

+ So what is a Witch Bottle?
A Witch Bottle is what is sounds like: a spell in a bottle. By putting relative contents in a bottle, you would either bury it on your property or keep it somewhere in your vicinity. You would “shake to activate”; once you shook the bottle it unleashed, or re-energized the spell.

While the spell itself doesn't have a particular “shelf life”, you as the creator knows when its time to destroy the bottle and make a new one to serve its purpose.

Sound interesting? Read on to get the dirt on this nitty-gritty type of spell casting!

+ Evil Beware Witch Bottle +

This particular Witch Bottle serves the ultimate purpose: the protection of hearth and home. That encompasses many things, such as possessions, family members, pets, as well as guests.

The materials can vary greatly from bottle to bottle, but below is what I used. In the steps below I will also let you know what was originally used in place of some things. Its up to the witch to decide what goes in their own personal bottle.

+ Materials +
A glass bottle (any size but a small one is best)
Paper and pen
Dirt (from your house)
Rain or Holy Water (optional)
Cooking Oil

The Evil Beware Witch Bottle serve a lot of purposes. Its a real feeling of traditional witchcraft, so even though the end result is not pretty at all, there is a certain sense of accomplishment upon its completion. Also, knowing that its being used for a good purpose always adds a certain sense of urgency and determination to it. You may find yourself putting a lot of effort in it; I felt drained upon finishing it. I decided to make one as Lore and I have moved into a new place together, and I wanted to make sure that wonderful things happened while we were living here, and that we were safe. It also protects our guests, as well as our possessions and property. The list above is merely what's in this particular bottle; but substitutes and traditional materials will be touched upon.

Under the list of materials can go a more in depth description of the project, such as what it does, why I myself am making it, and then, why other people might want to make it for themselves. Give a reason why I am using THOSE articular materials if its not obvious, but more info on hat can go in each step.

+ One: Get into the right mindset, of course. Think about what the purpose for this bottle is for, and start working. First, you'll need your bottle, of course.

This is a jam jar. Works perfectly well.

Once you have that, its time to bust out a small piece of paper and a pen. On this, you'll write your spell. I made a personalized one for Lore and I, trying to utilize our patron gods and goddesses. 

For those who feel they're not so adept or creative when it comes to creating spells, I've conjured up this one for you to use instead:

God and Goddess
Within my hand I hold the key
To your saving grace, and righteous face
Protect, and love, and defend this place.
Deflect all those whom bring us harm
And welcome luck with open arms.
Bless the spirits, the Gods, and the Goddesses Three
So Mote it Be.

Write the spell down on the paper, fold it, and then stick it in the bottle.

+ Two: Now, to get down and dirty. Take the bottle and a trip outside. Find some dirt on your property; the fact that its on your property (such as your yard), is important! This is the soil your bottle is meant to protect. If you have the time, you can also collect dirt from a place you feel safe at, such as your parents' house, or a church (provided its not considered defacing property). Put in a little bit—how much is really up to you but remember that a lot more has to go in here than just dirt and a folded up spell.

+ Three: Whether you've got holy water or rain water, either way, it will help. It started raining as I made the witch bottle, so Lore thought it would be a good idea to collect some rain water from outside. Great idea! Add in the rain water or the holy water to your bottle. No idea where to get holy water? Some metaphysical shops actually sell it, but if you have the time (like, a month's worth!) you can make it yourself by getting a bottle, putting tap water (or even a water bottle of spring water), and setting it at the windowsil (or outside preferably) when the full moon is out for the whole night.

+ Four: Add the sage! Sage is used for purification and to ward away evil. White sage is the best, though some people (such as myself) do not like the smell. This bundle is burnt because Lore uses it for purification spells and to banish negativity.

+ Five: After the sage, we added our dimes and pennies. So what's the deal with the coins? Dimes are said to be gifts to spirits who have aided us. Back in ancient Greece, mercury was the metal of choice for the god of the Underworld, Hades. When a person died, coins of mercury would be placed over their eyes, so that when the soul reached the Underworld, they had the fare to pay for their boat ride over the River Styx. Dimes used to be made of mercury many, many years back, so using dimes now is merely symbolic. Placing them in the witch bottle can both in turn thank any good spirits for their trouble, as well as ward off the negative ones by offering a tribute to leave in peace. Bribe them shamelessly!

"If you don't pay no tolls, then we don't get no rolls!"

The penny on the other hand is universal for good luck (heads up of course!), so placing it in the witch bottle invites good luck and fortune to find its way into your home.

Starting to look rather witchy, isn't it?

+ Six: The final ingredient in this witch bottle is... cooking oil. Does that seem off to you? Everything else has seemed to make sense, but what could cooking oil have anything to do with banishing negativity? This is where you really learn about the witch bottle and its place in magick history.

The cooking oil is meant to replace noxious fluids and ingredients... the stuff most people draw the line at when it comes to magick and witchcraft in general. We here at University Witch promote free thinking when it comes to the materials and things used for all spells, so we don't shy away from letting readers know the formal ingredients. We also provide alternatives, for the faint at heart. In the end, its up to the witch.

In a witch bottle, the ingredients to really “seal the deal” here, were the following: urine (yes, your own, and perhaps even from the others in the house), bent and rusty nails (to inflict damage to those whom would dare to enter), broken shards of glass (the same reason), menstrual blood, semen, toe and fingernail clippings, and hair (from either the witch and/or a pet if they have black fur). These are the ingredients that the cooking oil replaces; the logic behind it is that oil is an ingredient needed but not necessarily desirable.

Using either the traditional ingredients or the cooking oil, fill the bottle all the way to the top. You can also use a combination of the ingredients (such as, if you're comfortable with the broken glass, nails, and hair, but not the urine and blood). Its really up to you.

+ Seven: Screw the lid tightly (you can even add in glue to keep it secure if you want), making sure its closed all the way! And there you have it. A witch bottle. Is it pretty? Probably not, but that's not the point. This is nitty, gritty, and powerful spell casting. Now that its done, you can either bury it outside (on your own property), deep in the ground. The closer to your front door, the better. For those that live in the city or an apartment complex, the best thing to do is put it in the very back of a cabinet, in the corner, and forget about it—but don't neglect it. Make sure to shake it from time-to-time to renew the strength of the spell.

And there you have it! A rather traditional and somewhat devious course at Magick User's University, Spellcraft 101. Hope you join us in class again soon!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

13th Spell - The Nightmares

Ironic, this entry would be the 13th Spell.

A few nights ago, I was plagued with very awful dreams.

It first part was rather gruesome, but unrelated to the part that truly horrified me. In the dream, I had been feeling unwell, so I went upstairs into Lore and I's bedroom to go to sleep. Normally when I fall asleep in my dream, I wake up in real life.

Lore was in the bed in my dream, and told me to come to bed. I lay down beside her, but before I could drift off...

I was ripped off the bed.

Thrown against the wall.

Ans dragged up to the ceiling, where I proceeded to catch on fire...and burn to death. In my dream, I started screaming an screaming, feeling the intense pain of my flesh burning off--

And then I woke up.

I immediately turned to Lore for comfort, who was laying down sleeping beside me. However, as I touched her arm, I was ripped off the bed, thrown up against the wall, and then dragged to the ceiling by the same force as before, and caught on fire.

And then I woke up. Or, so I thought.

When I turned to Lore this time, she threw me against the bed and proceeded to choke me to death. When I “woke again”, I realized I was dreaming, and still caught in the dream. I started shouting at myself to wake up, and that I needed to really wake up this time.

I died numerous other times, in many different ways, before I did, in fact, wake up.

The colors in the waking world were far more clear when my eyes opened. However, I was already filled with so much terror that I was still dreaming, and Lore woke up and tried to comfort me several times.I felt horrible after the ordeal, mainly because I had jolted Lore awake when she had important things to do that day and needed to be at her full capacity, even though the whole time I was crying, “Please, tell me this is not a dream,”.

Above: My (Sleepy) Hero. ♥

However, despite that, Lore very gently told me to calm down, that everything was alright, and this was, in fact, the real world. Throughout the rest of the time we slept. I woke up about two or three more times in a few increments of time, for every time I closed my eyes, I would die again.

Two nights following, I couldn't seem to sleep. And when I did sleep, it was only for about three to four hours, before I woke up again. My dreams were not terrifying, but they were strange enough to have me wake up, feeling tired, wired, and stressed. I had many theories on my dreams—maybe I was nervous because Lore and I were moving to a new place, I was starting a new job, and a whole lot of other things. Everything was suddenly new. Surely, that was the reason for my lack of sleep.

Earlier on when I started this blog, I wrote a short segment on Lucid Dreaming when Lore and I went to see the movie Sucker Punch. The nightmare I had prompted me to elaborate a bit on it.

If you have ever seen the movie Inception, the main characters have an object called a totem, which by looking at the properties of the object, they would be able to determine if they were still in the dream world. As they alone knew the physical, conditional, or other properties of the totem, if there was anything off about it, they would know they were still in a dream.

The concept is not something the movie created; in fact, it is used by many lucid dreamers today. Many will place an object or something familiar in their everyday life to memorize in their waking world. Something inconspicuous is most common, such as dotting the back of your wrists with a red sharpie.

After following many steps, such as writing about the dreams, and thinking about what you would like to dream about before going to bed, the ability to navigate your own dreams becomes very possible. The stages of sleep a person can go through also effect the dreams, and what the user dreams about. The surroundings of a person's dream are also something interesting to note. Many times, I'm in a place my mind has created myself. Very rarely do I dream about a place that's in my day-to-day life. Most often, in my dream I will be “in my house”, but the house portrayed in my dreams looks nothing like where I live in real life.

For others, they can only picture places they have been. Who knows why that is?

You can do the same; in fact, one of my close friends suggested I have a “totem” as they called it in Inception. I am usually plagued by very realistic dreams (quoted as “extreme”, which is a nice way to say “nightmares that would make Chuck Norris sh*t himself”), so really, its not a bad idea.

There are plenty of books on dreams and dream interpretations, as well as internet resources easily found by using search engines. So, when you dream tonight, or any night, make sure you have good ones.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

History of Divination - Palmistry

Welcome to the newest course here at Magick Users University, History of Divination! So what is divination?  

Divination is the attempt to shed light on future events by the use of occult or supernatural means, such as psychic powers. There are a lot of ways to foretell the future, and thus, there are many, many forms of divination, some you probably never even knew about. That's what this course is for! And perhaps for some, you can find something that interests you.

Lets begin with something simple for the first History of Divination class!


Put your hands (palm) up!

+ A Little History
Palmistry, also known to some as chiromancy, is the art of telling the future by using the hand as the focal medium. Contrary to popular belief, the divination process focuses on more than just the palm; it extends to the fingers as well, encompassing different ranges of specifications. The shape of the hand, the types of fingerprints on each finger, and even how your fingers are positioned all tell the story of the owner's life.

The practice can actually be rooted back to ancient Greece by two very familiar names: Aristotle and Alexander the Great. The former was the one who brought the study of the hands to light, and Alexander the Great found great pleasure in analyzing his own hand. It eventually extended to doing so with his officers, attempting to figure out what kind of character they had. It was he who popularized it, even to the point that many were using it for clerical and medicinal purposes.

From Greece it spread around the word, mainly to India, Egypt, and China, but there were also European countries that jumped on the bandwagon.

Other sources say it may have originated in the other countries first (such as India or China), however the popular opinion is Greece. Try looking it up yourself, if you're interested!

+ Palmistry Today
Palmistry is still a popular divination technique; in fact, there's a woman in town that I love to get readings from. There are some that stick tried and true to the clerical arts when it comes to palmistry; some practitioners use it for holistic healing or psychology.

Palmistry has somewhat taken a backseat to other forms of divination, such as tarot/oracle cards, but its very interesting because everyone hands are different, all the way up to the fingertips.

+ How to do Palmistry
This is a very quick guide for those who want to jump on in and see how it is for yourself. References are in the next section!

Start with a hand, of course. Which one should you choose is the common question, but either or is fine. Most people ask you to hold out your dominate hand. I usually hold my right hand out as its the one I write with (however, I'm selectively ambidextrous, as I prefer to drive, hold, and do most other activities with my left).

On the palm are three lines which hold perhaps the most fame in palm reading:

The top horizontal line is the Heart Line. This line indicates what you think it does: relationships and affections of the individual being read. This line is important for those whom are doing a palm reading for indications of love. Breaks or Xs across the line can indicate heartbreak. If the line shoots up high, the more passionate the individual could be.

The middle horizontal line is called the Head Line. It relates to how a person thinks. The wider the space is between the Heart and Head Line indicates a person whom takes risks. Those too close together or even connected can unveil cowardice.

The bottom line that usually curves as if to engulf the thumb is called the Life Line. They say the longer the line, the longer the Life Span of an individual. It is also an indicator of generosity, depending on how close to the thumb the line is (the closer, the more miserly).

The shape and size of the hands also indicate different factors of a person's personality and things that have happened during their life. Check out all the lines on your own hand! All of them have meaning. Compare them to the hands of your friends and family.

+ Magick User's University Approved Resources
Palmistry: How to Chart the Lines of Your Life; Roz Levine
Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life's Secrets; Dennis Fairchild
Handy Palm Reading Diagram [ EDIT: Me: *three hours later* HAHAHA! HANDY! Wow, how did I miss that awesome pun I made?!]

We here at Magick User's University hope this lesson has broadened your horizons! Make sure to follow us on Facebook or check out our zany antics on Tumblr!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

1st Glamour - The Spellmans

Part of someone's day-to-day lifestyle are the clothes they wear. But what does it mean to dress like a witch?

The path of magick is being who you are, whether you dress up in prestige, luxury brands, or a simple jeans and t-shirt. There is no way to “dress like a witch”--at least, not for the modern day witch.

But every witch wants something a little magickal to wear once in a while. So lets channel some of our inner magick to create styles just for the little witch in you. I don't stick to a price range, but I attempt to make the outfit look classy, but still be affordable. I do stick in luxury brands; however, the good thing about those is that there is always something at a more affordable budget that would work just as well. Lets get to the fun, and begin the first fashion segment at University Witch!

Today's Witchy Look:

The Spellmans

I wonder how zany that show would have been if it looked like this?

If you've ever watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, then you'll remember the 90s fashion that they wore on the show. Okay, so at the time some if it was awesome (and a couple of gets ups still are), but what about channeling that style with a bit more of a modern flair?

Lets tackle four witchy characters: Sabrina, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda, and yes, even Salem!

+ Your Everyday Plucky Witchling
Sabrina was the everyday girl turned magickal. On her 16th she was bestowed some supernatural powers that threw her world for a loop. Sabrina's style was characterized by her laid back, earthy feel. Super natural (get it?), if you will. The key is to look good... but as if you didn't try.

Blazer: Caramel Cotton Blazer [$50]
Shirt: Ruffled Scoopneck Top [$18]
Jeans: Women's Straight Jeans [$30]
Boots: Brown Buckle Sweater Boot [$37]
Purse: Suede 10s Crossbody [$30]
Necklace: Ben-Amun Coral Teardrop Necklace [$170]

+ The Sagely (but Sexy) Scholar
Zelda was definitely the brains of the family, characterized by her obsession with chemistry-based potions and concoctions, and refined look. For a younger witch who doesn't want to look like a Crone, just sophisticated, here is a mix-up that will leave you feeling super classy. The key to this style is chic, clean colors, but topped with accessories for a fresh look.

Overshirt: BKE Lace Top [$26]
Undershirt: Full Tilt Womens Seamless Cami [$10]
Skirt: T by Alexander Wang High Waisted Pencil Skirt: [$140]
Shoes: Cynthia Peep Toe Pumps [$27]
Purse: Burberry Check Tote [$795]
Necklace: Kate Middleton Inspired Montana Blue Crystal Necklace [$22]
Bracelet: Magnetic Closure Bracelet [$40]

+ The Wacky Witch
Hilda was not only funny and original, but so was her fashion. She loved bright colors and bold prints—nothing was too flamboyant or striking to not wear! For those who love bold and bright but don't want to get stares on the street (minus good ones), take a bit of Hilda's fashion sense and walk with pride! The key here is confidence!

Shirt: Gypsy 05 Lava Angali Top [$80]
Undershirt: Chesca Printed Piped Trim Mesh Camisole [$65]
Pants: East Jersey Trousers [$30]
Hat: Jessica Simpson 'Large Bow' Floppy Sun Hat [$38]
Shoes: Satin Platform Sandal [$50]
Sunglasses: Cream Shell Cats Eye Shape Sunglasses [$32]
Purse: Ted Baker Eden Tote Handbag in Tan [$250]

+ A Wonderfully Wicked Warlock
Okay so technically male witches are still called that, but warlock just had a ring to it for this title. Salem the cat was once and man who wished to achieve global domination. He had a suave charm, and he almost had it! Work that same mystique into your attire and you're ready to charm your way into even the toughest interview.

Jacket: L.K. Bennett Tuxedo Jacket [$300]
Blouse: Knife Pleat and Ruffle Top [$60]
Pants: Tall Bootut Tousers [$20]
Shoes: Madame Herringbone Heel [$38]
Hat: Black Classic Wool Fedora [$23]
Purse: Black Patent Bow Clutch [$20 ]
Ring: Silver Legends Women's White Faux Opal Ring [$50]
Earrings: Silver look tear drop earrings [$30]

That does it for the first Fashion segment here at University Witch! Check up for more Glamours here in the future! ♥ Make sure to check us out on our Facebook, and if you're ever so inclined, you can always follow out zany antics and random posts on Tumblr!

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Happy 4th, Store Opening! ♥

I hope those in the USA had a happy 4th of July this past Monday! But onto the fun stuff!

University Witch is proud to announce their GRAND OPENING of their New Online Store! There are fun things listed in the shop, such as t-shirts, hats, pins, mugs--and like this blog which gets more and more content added in, so will the store! I plan on adding some fun posters, bags, and other swag, so make sure to check it out again if for some reason you don't like what you see the first time around.

Running this blog has been such a fun experience in the short time I've had it. I hope to keep it up for the long haul, and hopefully you guys will show your support in anyway, even just linking this blog to friends goes a long way.

Brightest Blessings, and Merry Meet Again~
Soull, the University Witch

Monday, 4 July 2011

Famous Witches: Card Captor Sakura

Welcome to the newest course at Magick Users' University, Famous Witches: Real and Fictional. This course is a great combination of informational and fun, as there are plenty of witches in the real world and of course, in literature, movies, and other media. Some will be familiar, others new, but all interesting. We hope you enjoy!

For our first lesson, lets begin with a little “witch” I've loved since I was a kid.


Card Captor Sakura
Real name Kinomoto Sakura, or Sakura Avalon (English vers.)

+ So who is Card Captor Sakura?
Card Captor Sakura is a fictional witch created by the Japanese manga group, CLAMP. She is an elementary school girl, who thought she was normal until she stumbled upon a book that set loose a bunch of cards called “Clow Cards” into the world, allowing them to wreak havoc using their individual powers. Using a variety of elaborate, gorgeous costumes, along with her wand, Sakura embarks on the journey to collect the Clow Cards and return them to the book before an unknown, ominous disaster befalls the world she lives in.

During this elaborate journey is her best friend, Tomoyo, who films her adventures and is also responsible for her costumes. There is also Syaoran Li, whom accompanies her after a time and becoming the love interest in the series.

+ What makes them special?
Card Captor Sakura is special for the fact that she is a lot like most witches today: a normal girl suddenly exposed to the world of magick. At first, she is unsure about her powers, but in the end becomes a very powerful and influential witch. While the series never really calls her a witch much (perhaps to avoid the negative connotations of the word), its a bit obvious, even with the hints from her costumes. Plus, she has all the witch essentials: a familiar, a magic wand, incantations, and even a symbolic Book of Shadows (the Book of Clow) and even tarot cards (the Clow Cards), which can even be used for divination.

+ Where can I learn more about her?
Card captor Sakura can be found online and in many bookstores in its manga (comic) form, and also has an accompanying animated television series. A note to people not familiar with anime: do yourself a favor and, if you choose to watch the show, watch it in Japanese with the subtitles. The English version has cut out the first seven episodes, along with editing a lot of the story that destroys an otherwise beautiful plot and intriguing story.

+ Supernatural Statistics:
Name: Card Captor Sakura
Other names: Kinomoto Sakura, Sakura Avalon
D.O.B: April 1st
Sign: Aries
Alliance: Good witch
Known for: Becoming the Mistress of the Clow, her gorgeous attire
Familiar: Kero (Keroberus)
Tool of Choice: Magick wand, Clow (Tarot) Cards

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University Witch Tumblr!

So, guess who was excited to get a Tumblr!

University Witch is also on Tumblr, so if you want a bit less structure but to still have some magick in your day-to-day life, that is a great place to look! I will be posting interesting finds from all over the net... so coming on over and taking a look around is a-ok!

Make sure to bookmark it, or follow along on Tumblr if you have one! It will be updated constantly so don't let it get too far ahead of you!

Go check it out for yourself! Since I have yet to brave the world of Twitter, this is just another step!

Another great update will be come up soon as well! ... Once I'm pleased with everything, that is. So stay tuned and come back very soon this week! ♥