Friday, 29 April 2011

6th Spell - To Texas

It all started with us leaving to Texas from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Now, usually in my posts, there's a lot more emphasis on magick in my day-to-day life, which yes, is an important factor considering this entire website. Maybe it seems more like a boring entry of my mundane life, but! The God and Goddess work in mysterious ways, right?

So, my fellow witches, allow me to spin you an interesting tale that I managed to weave from my departure from my former, temporary location (as you know how I just love moving around the world).

My girlfriend and I started off the morning not on the best note. Oh, with each other, we were fine.

This is perfect harmony, truly.

It was everything else that spiraled around me.

First, the taxi I had called to meet us at 10am had arrived early. Right as I was attempting to cram some Cherrios into my mouth.

Plus a banana.

I stumbled from the large kitchen, a mouth bloated much like a balloon with a strange, sickening combination of cereal, banana, and orange juice that I had been drinking out of another separate bowl, far too lazy to find a cup that morning.

Witches intake their food with magick. You should know this!

I went into the bedroom to see the girlfriend finishing up pulling out the suitcases. I was probably frantically waving my arms. I don't remember.

“The taxi is here!” I practically shouted into the room, and she gave me a look which told me, not only was I perhaps the strangest woman in the world, but told me I was being damn adorable while doing it.

“Okay,” She stated, ad rolled past me with the suitcases.

A couple of young men at the house helped up with our luggage, and off into the taxi we went. It was then that I remembered that I had forgotten to remove the talismans from the doors and windows of my room when we moved out. Well, either they would eventually be removed, or, the next person could find it helpful in their venture (but for future notice, once you have no more use for the talisman, make sure to physically destroy it).

We arrive at the airport, and after I struggled with my luggage, we checked in at the kiosk (which didn't work, of course). So, we had to go up to the woman at the front.

“Hello~” I chirped up, and I was trying to hide the fact that I knew a secret.

All of my luggage? Overweight. And I don't mean like, a few pounds or so, I mean like, painfully, me struggling to even drag it across the floor overweight. My overweight luggage would have cost me, total, about $180, and if I could get away with it, I would do my best to pull the wool over the eyes of the airport, especially since I had to pay for both my and my girlfriend's luggage.

The woman at the front smiled at me. “Welcome!” She handed me my tickets after check in, and behold! She didn't weigh my packages, and charged me the flat rate of $60 for both of them.

All was going well... until she saw me struggling to move it off.

“Oh...” She stated, and looked to my bag. “...Are your bags overweight?”

“...Maybe the top one is?” I let out.

Somewhere, a deity has docked off some of my karma.

She had me weight it, and sure enough, one of my bags was seventeen pounds overweight. Hahaha... the reason it was so heavy? All of my important books were in it. Mainly the ones on Egyptology, Mythology, and Magick.

But, like a good sport, she didn't charge me. Probably because she'd forgotten to ask in the first place. But hey! It sure saved me some money. One of my girlfriend's bags had been overweight as well (but only by five pounds), and that would have cost me extra as well.

After getting through baggage check (and putting my hair in a ponytail since my shoulder bag kept ripping it out of my head), we headed to the customs check-in of the U.S Homeland Security. And here is where it got interesting.

I moseyed my way over first. The guy at the counter stared at me.

Customs Guy: Passport.
Me: [ digs through purse and hands it over ]
CG: So, you from here?
Me: Yes. Like my passport entails.
CG: Why were you in Canada?
Me: Visiting.
CG: Who?
Me: [ insert name here ]
CG: Travel with anyone?
Me: My [girl]friend.
CG: How old are they?

...Wait, what?

Me: …. Twenty-one....
CG: What do they do?
Me: They're a student.
CG: What are you? What do you work as?
Me: ...I'm a student.
CG: What school?

Okay. We've just entered a totally new level of, can I say, uncomfortable? Why was he asking me questions about her? When my girlfriend came up to another guy and answered her questions, he halted in our own to listen in on her conversation—was he... was he cross-referencing me?

Did I look suspicious or something? Did she look suspicious? What the hell, America?

Witch trials, anyone?

I answered a whole bunch of more pointless crap (and even handed over another form of ID) before he reluctantly handed my passport and ID back. I took it and just walked off before he could even say anything else.

After I finished lamenting to my girlfriend, we came up to our gate, which was beside a small bar and restaurant combo and a retail shop (mainly souvenirs and the like). While I contemplated buying a moose for my god-brother back in Texas, I decided this would be as good a time as any to exchange my Canadian currency for some American cash. We walked on over to her, and she looked over at us with a hollow gaze. Her hair was long, dark, and scraggly, and her figure tall, lanky, and sickly white. Her eyes were sunken in, with obvious dark circles under them. Either she hadn't gotten any sleep, or the airport had sucked out all meaning in her life. I personally voted the latter.

“Excuse me,” I called out to her, and she merely kept staring at me with her black eyes. “Uh, can I exchange currency here?”

She shook her head.

“Oh... well, I heard there was one back downstairs...”

This time, as she stared at me with her soulless orbs, her mouth parted, and she spoke, voice ominous.

There is no going back.”

My girlfriend and I stared back at her for a moment, in dead silence.

But, we both finally burst out laughing.

“Man, that was intense,” My girlfriend joked, before repeating the line. The girl at the register merely lifted the corners of her lips in response as we laughed... and quickly moved away.

Since I had just started on breakfast, and my girlfriend never even entered the kitchen (that's a twist, considering she's the kitchen witch), we were both hungry by the time we made it though all of... well, that. We snagged a table, which was cool because the window showed the planes taking off and pulling into the airport. My girlfriend ordered a Philly Cheese Steak, since, our first connection was in Philadelphia and that was apparently grounds for hilariousness.


I just got a bacon cheeseburger. But man, it was soooo good, it was ridiculous.

It was during our meal that I remembered a sad fate. My girlfriend and I's tickets didn't coincide with one another. She was going straight from Philly to Texas, where as I was going to Philly, and from there to Orlando, and from there to Texas. What was worse, we weren't even next to each other on the first flight! Way to be disappointed.

I pulled out a nice pen and a stationary tablet from my purse, my thoughts on my girlfriend and her journey apart. I wrote up a small charm in neat script for her. On her side of the table, she did the same.

When she was done, my girlfriend presented it to me.

It was folded up, sweetly, and I was in love with it as soon as I read its words. So of course, I told her I could keep it “close to my heart”, which in University Witch terms, means “inside of my bra”.

After eating, I had to use the bathroom, and I barely got out in time before they stopped boarding. That was certainly good luck on my part. We boarded the plane, and for the first ride, while we were seated apart, it went smoothly.

When we landed in Philadelphia, we took the shuttle to the other side of the airport. This was where we had to part. I was looking for gate 14, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere as we walked down the hall. This was to be my plane to Orlando, and I couldn't miss my connection.

“I don't see fourteen anywhere,” I stated, voice anxious. My girlfriend glanced at me, looking at the gap between gate 13 and 15.

“Maybe its like Hogwarts,” She stated in a jovial tone, “And you'll have to pass through the wall to find your gate.”

I instantly glared at her.

“Orlando is not Hogwar--”

Hogwarts Castle, Universal Studios, Orlando

“--I can't even say that anymore.” I had just been there last year on vacation (as you can see from my vacation picture above).

She grinned. “No, you can not.”

We parted after many kisses, and I got on the plane.

And that was where my trip got horrible.

As soon as we hit the air, we got turbulence. Now, a little turbulence, fine. Stomach-churning turbulence? Not okay. Now, while my stomach was hurting I was fine. But.

I was on a plane. With turbulence. Towards one of America's top tourist destinations. Of course, that meant that there were a ton of children on that plane. They were screaming, and vomiting, due to the turbulence. So the plane smelled like, well...

...For two hours.

I finally landed in Orlando, and started heading towards my next gate. At first, it looked like it was going to be simple. The numbers got smaller the further I walked. Perfect.

“Wow, the airport actually makes sense,” I stated, and watched as happily children and parents made their way through the airport carting bags of Disney and Universal Studio memorabilia. I was on my way to gate 18, and when I reached 31, I halted.

Dead end.

I looked left. I looked right. I spun in a circle, and probably looked ridiculous to the line of people waiting at that gate. But nothing. I kept my cool, and decided to retrace my steps, in case I missed a hallway. I walked back, coming to the center of the airport, and made my way to a map.

In the section I was in, the gates only went down to 30. So where were the rest of them? I scoured the map, only to find that they were in another terminal. How did I get there? Shuttle. ...So where was the shuttle?

I found the, but they only went to gates 39 or something, and I waited for two more to pass before I realized none were coming for the lower numbers. And that was when I started panicking, because my flight was leaving in about forty-five minutes.

But then came an older-looking man in purple.

Now, he stood out to me because his white hair stood out against the purple he was wearing. I remember staring at him with wide eyes, it it must of bee those doe eyes that practically halted him in his tracks. He stared at me, clutching my purse, coat, blanket, and laptop case, looking like a poor, pathetic creature lost in the wilderness—or Hogwarts, as the case might have been. The man let out a sigh, then shook his head.


“Verily,” I stated, and he offered a smile at that.

“I'll show you the way.”

I followed him into the shuttle, which was really through a whole pretzel of them, until we made it to where I needed to be.

“Just take this one all the way and you'll be fine from there, I'm sure,” He stated, and stepped off just as the doors closed behind him.

Help comes in some of the most mysterious ways, huh?

Well, my flight ended up being delayed, ad I didn't get back to Texas until about eleven at night. But my girlfriend and I were reunited—luckily her flight had been delayed too!

...Its a good thing I don't plan on taking any planes for at least another couple of years.

Monday, 18 April 2011

5th Spell - A Dire Divination

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a pathetic excuse for a witch.

It comes and goes. Sometimes I just feel normal. Once and awhile, I feel helpless and as if my magick cannot help me. Other days it feels like I'm carrying a secret that only I know, and it makes me feel special, or a bit better about the day.

On the best days I feel like a bad*ss futher mucker.

Magicking it up like a fearless b*st*rd.

Its not about faith or anything like that. I believe in magick, the god and goddess... it is not those forces that are the problem.

Its myself.

When I first started getting into magick when I was about eleven, I was the most interested in different types of divination techniques. Tarot cards were what attracted me first, and thus, I strove to learn them. My dad gave me my allowance when I was visiting him one weekend, and with that I purchased a deck. An Oracle deck, actually, as at the time I was very enchanted by faeries... even though everyone knows, if given the chance, faeries will royally f*ck your sh*t up.


I sucked at it.

I don't mean I was just bad. I was like, failingly bad. Failingly isn't even a word, and I not only know this because of my amazing literary prowess, but also because Firefox is doing that little... swiggly...little... red line... thingy. Anyway, that's just how bad I was at it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I memorized the cards meanings. I could do a spread and read it to you, one, two, three—fortune told! But it was like I was reading a book. I felt nothing for the cards, nothing from the readings, even though people told me a read it well, I was just reading them. It was impersonal, and, even at a young age, I felt because of that, any reading I did was insulting.

“He doesn't like you like you. Now get out of my bedroom, Sarah.”

I stopped for awhile with divination, choosing to more read up on knowledge, but I did pick it up again, attempting with a Crowley deck. Didn't work. It was even worse than before. I also tried palmistry, which bored me to tears, and then even attempting to learn how to cypher dreams. They all ended in nothing.

I eventually got so desperate to be able to have a niche in divination that I ended up turning to a Magic 8 ball for help for years, before I finally discovered it.

I had been in Des Moines, Iowa, visiting a couple of people when I went into a metaphysical store called “Ancient Mysteries”. I looked around, interested in the layout of the shop, when I came upon a small rack and paused to gaze upon glorious crystal shiny.


A pretty gold and glass one caught my eye first. I had no idea how to use them, but as soon as it was in my hand, it started spinning wildly, and for some reason I knew it was the one. I purchased it without a second thought.

It met its fate barely a month later in the washing machine.

Disappointed, but, knowing that I was still drawn to the aspect of the pendulum, I sought out another one. The kind shopkeepers at a store in Texas called “Silver Pyramid” spent an hour with me attempting to find one that matched. They suggested crystal ones. But every time I held one it did just what rocks do best.

Sat there like dead weight.

After trying several, some of quartz, rose quarts, amethyst, onyx—I finally found the one. This one was beautiful—it was all gold metal, spiraled, and with a sharp end. The chain, however, was painfully short and the weight almost worthless. When I held it and asked it to go into starting position, instead of turning clockwise, it spun counter clockwise. When I asked it to go still it swung back and forth like an unruly child, trying to strike me. But, unlike the others, it moved, so I begrudgingly purchased the little twat and headed back home.

It was there, however, that I removed the chain I had managed to salvage form the death of the first pendulum, and switched them out. As soon as the fusion was complete...

It worked like a dream.

I named it Pro'disin.

But all good dreams come to an end.

Before my move up to Canada, Pro'disin started showing signs of... dying. Its strange to say that about an inanimate object, but that was almost what it felt like. I would ask it questions, or have it go into starting position, but it would be slow to respond. I tried using various techniques to recharge it, or even purify it, such as keeping it in its usual black velvet pouch and adding in some peridot,or running moon-kissed water over it. However, I wielded no results from these methods.

It was while I was in Nova Scotia, that I came upon a shop called “Little Mysteries” with my girlfriend. We visited the shop a few times while were where in Halifax for two months, and every time I diligently checked their pendulums for anything interesting. All I saw were crystals, and a couple of ugly-looking metal ones. I went home every time, disappointed.

My girlfriend was just a pro at making me feel better.

However, just last week, upon going and looking, my eyes lit up like diamonds at the sight of a crystal pendulum. Normally, they didn't draw anything more than initial curiosity, but I kept walking past the rack, and just staring at it. It was apparently so obvious that even my girlfriend commented on it (which yes, is important because normally I can keep childish wonder and awe off my face and to myself). It was a beautiful, translucent, almost dark-mint green, with a silver chain and purple amethyst weight. When I picked it up, I tried it. I mean, why not, right?



And it worked.

“It freaking works!” I exclaimed, and I stood there at the counter with awe. I started jumping up and down. I ran to the nearest associate to ask them about it.

“What crystal is this?!” I practically mauled the short-haired woman behind the glass jewelry display case for the information. She spared a glance at me and then at the pendulum.

“Fluorite,” She stated. “Relatively new to magick. Want some info on it?”

The rest of the trip was a bit of a blur, because I was so entranced with the pendulum that had suddenly come into my possession, and it hasn't left my side since. After months, I had finally found it—and a crystal, at that! Fluorite is good at negating stressful and harmful energies, helping headaches, and cleaning the mind of external thought. It promotes creative thinking and enhances magick and psychic abilities. Plus, it comes in a multitude of colors. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

And I'm super glad for it.

Of course, having a type of divination you are good at isn't needed to be a witch. But I'm glad I have it, at the very least. ♥

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Ra

Welcome to yet another class at Magick User's University! I'd like to start a segment called “Patron Deities 101”. This will be a great way for those to learn about the different patron deities one can have to represent the god and goddess.

Of course, there is no rule stating you have to have one. For me, I like having a patron god in that represents the things I stand for, or want to influence in my life.

A patron god or goddess can come from any source. It doesn't even have to be the same one! For example, my girlfriend's patron god is from Chinese mythology, and her patron goddess is from Egyptian mythology. The god and goddess represent two sides of the same coin.

So, lets start with our God/dess of the Month, shall we?

For our very first class, I wanted it to be big. And since I have a love of Egyptian mythology, naturally, I chose...

*~ + RA + ~ *
Alternatively, Re.

Don't mess with this mofo.

+ About Ra

Most people know Ra, if only by one thing: he is the Egyptian god of the sun. Not only is he that, he is the top god, the head honcho, the big cheese (or the flaming pie in the sky), of the Egyptian gods. He created himself through sheer willpower, and the other gods below him came from his amazing ability to procreate on his own.

The most famous of his children are Osiris, god of the underworld, Isis, the mother goddess, Seth, god of chaos and storms, and then Nephthys, Seth's twin sister and the nursing mother.

As a creator god, he was the most widely worshiped.

It was said that he traveled on two solar boats—one in the morning, and then one in the evening, accompanied by other gods on his journey as he turned dawn into dusk. As the journey went on, he was said to age, and then, when the sun rose again, be reborn.

Humans were said to be made from Ra's tears and sweat, and he created all lifeforms. Because of this, the Egyptians sometimes referred to themselves as “the Cattle of Ra”. And the sun in the sky? Why, that is certainly Ra's great eye, beaming down on you, watching all who were under it.

+ So what makes Ra patron god material?

Ra can stand for a lot of things, but most notably creation, and life. He is a good patron god to watch over you in times of need. The Egyptians saw him as wise and omnipresent. Ra would be a wonderful god for those who wished to be protected, and to utilize his raw power while doing magick, or even for tasks in their every day life.

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Ra
Alternative Names: Re
Nationality: Egyptian
Type: Creator/Sun god
Physical Appearance: Varied, though most notably a falcon-man with a sun-disk on his head
Colors: White, Gold, Yellow
Day of the Week: Sunday
Attributes: Protection, Wisdom

Want to see any specific gods or goddess in Patron Dieties 101? Leave a comment here, or even follow us on Facebook! ♥

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spellcraft 101 - Talismans

Its time to break out the fun stuff guys! Magick User's University is all about interesting crafts that can be useful during your travel through the world of Magick. Today, we're going to focus on a project of making a simple talisman today in Spellcraft 101.

+ So what are Talismans?
A Talisman is like an amulet—they are both objects used to promote and bring good luck, protection, or whatever the object is intended for to the user. History has seen many pass through the ages. The Ancient Egyptians had many dedicated to fertility, love, and even the Evil Eye. The difference between a talisman and an amulet, however, are merely the way they are activated. Amulets are passive—they are designed to work when the time comes for them to be activated. Talismans, on the other hand, are constantly working around the clock to ensure the success of their intended purpose.

There are many kinds and ways to make talismans, but this is a quick and effective way to get started. For this particular amulet, is a nice, general good one for protection.


This talisman is very general purpose, but made to be powerful, and incorporates many magickal elements within it. I'll explain them as we go.

+ Materials +
A pen or pencil
A marker
Two different colors of paper

Yes, the picture quality was stellar. It was dark, all right!

Now, when collecting materials, this is a general rule: the better quality the materials, the better the result. If you “slap together a talisman”, it in return will “slap together some protection” or whatever you had made it for. If you want it to last a long time, take time and care in creating it. Now, I'm not saying make it out of solid gold or whatever, but using nicer materials than say, notebook paper, will yield greater results. For the talisman here, I'm using parchment and some nice scrapbook paper from an art supply store. The pen is a Faber-Castell—very nice and fine for making strokes. You'll see the results later.

For my own talismans, I like them pretty. I feel, for me at least, the better looking they are, the better the result. It might be a “judge a book by its cover move”, but I feel that the better looking it is, the more care put into them. For the backing of the talisman, I used some printed card stock from the scrapbook section. I chose the colors red, because red is strong and powerful. I didn't want calming protection, I wanted some that was BAM, in your face. So I chose red. Its energetic.

So lets begin, shall we?

+ One: Get into the right mindset. Remember what the talisman is for, and concentrate on that purpose as you make it. Start by cutting out the paper the size you want the talisman. Use a rectangular shape! Cut out the paper you are using for the backing larger than the one you will be writing on.

+ Two: Take the forefront sheet and grab your pen or pencil. I chose a pencil... in case I messed up.

Which I did. Several times.

This is where you will write your spell for protection. I decided, due to a conversation with my girlfriend (who is getting into runes... exciting!), that I would incorporate the runic alphabet. There is a certain power in mere symbolism that sometimes words fail to give.

I decided instead of a spell, to use the poem dedicated to the rune Algiz. It is a rune used for protection, thus making it perfect for the task at hand. The poem is from the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem, and is as follows:

The Elk-sedge has its home most oft in the fen
It waxes in water, wounds grimly
The blood burns of every man
Who makes a grasp at it.

And, alternatively (if you'd like a modern translation):

The Elk-sedge usually lives in the fen
Growing in the water, it wounds severely
Staining with blood any man
Who makes a grab at it.

Print out the poem carefully in pencil on the talisman.

+ Three: After printing out the poem, take the marker and over it, draw out boldly the rune of Algiz. The symbol looks like a path that splits into three. It should look a little like this after its all done.

Very nice! You're almost done! The hard part is over.

+ Four: Tape the two papers together, so that the rune is showing on the outside, and you can see the color of the other paper around the edges. Afterwards, tape it to whatever surface you need it for. I chose a window!

Alternatively, you can fold the parchment in half like a booklet, and write the poem/spell on the inside, and then Algiz on the outside. It makes it more discreet and small. I decided to use this method on the door into the room.

And there you have it! How to make a beautiful, powerful, but simple talisman. You can put together a couple in just a few minutes! I made three in about fifteen-twenty minutes.

And there you have it! The first course in Magick User's University, Spellcraft 101. Hope you join us in class again soon!

Questions, ideas, comments? Make sure to follow and contact us on Facebook! ♥

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

4th Spell - Sweet Dreams

My girlfriend just turned twenty-one on the eighth of April.

And here I'd like to make a tribute to Kwan-Yin and Isis,
her patron god and goddess for keeping her alive this long.

So to celebrate, we decided to go and see a movie. Since she was the birthday girl, of course my girlfriend got to choose what move to see. She told me what film it was, and then, I promptly passed out after playing Dragon Age for almost ten hours straight (during a time period in which I stayed up about thirty-six hours). Good thing too. I was starting to speak in tongues or something.

About potato babies, I think.

After waking up and getting ready, we headed to the movie. Ah, but lo and behold were we going to go watch?


So, we go off to the movie. Basically, long story short, the main character was navigating her real life through a dream world. Which comes to the point of this blog.


I'd like to say that everyone has, at one point during their life, realized in their dream that they were, in fact, dreaming. In my most recent “lucid dream”, I was in a supermarket behind hunted down by assassins when I realized I was dreaming. And then, I was able to jump to extraordinary heights, and fly away.

So how does one get to that point?

+ One: Keep a journal. A dream journal. It doesn't have to be anything special, just a notebook, or even just pulling up a word document (or Open Office if you're poor like me). In this journal, as soon as you wake up, write down your dream. If you remember more later, scribble it in there, too.

+ Two: Keep up with it. Don't do it for a little and quit.

+ Three: Go back and reread through your entries. Maybe you'll notice a pattern your subconscious gives you. In mine, when people start using Hollywood-style magic (such as throwing fireballs or something), I instantly know I'm dreaming. Sometimes I don't, but its getting easier as I go on. Also, the presence of people I no longer associate with is also a key giveaway.

Your subconscious will start picking up on odd hints here or there. Eventually, you will start being able to pick up on the fact that you are, indeed, dreaming. Sometimes, a person will wake up upon realizing that. Its not an art you will get down instantly. It takes time.

But hey. Sweet dreams are made of these~ ♥

Monday, 4 April 2011

3rd Spell - The Wish to Dream

I woke up really late today, after a strange dream. It was really late at night. It was pretty dark. Knowing this would certainly mess up my schedule, I attempted the usual string of methods in a attempt to get back to sleep.

Usually, they involved my girlfriend.

She sleeps like a brick, and I love it. Its too easily to manipulate her to my whim at night when I wake up, and I usually do. So, when that happens, I start maneuvering her into all the “sleepy-time wrestling” positions I know.

Not to be confused with the “bed-time wrestling” moves we may all love.

Sometimes the mission is successful around the second move, but tonight, I tired them all out. I think she was even actually awake for them, as I felt the universal “baby-I'm-still-awake” signal of gently tapping/scratching/petting on the part the hand happens to be draped over. However, as I continued to lay in bed, my mind started traveling to places. It does that. A lot.

When I get the time to think, I end up reflecting back on things in my life. I always say, “I have no regrets becoming who I am”, and that's true. But I always wondered, if some higher power gave me the chance... would I keep things as they are? Or would I do it all over again?

I had also recently watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, where in it young girls are given the choice of having any one wish granted, and in return they become magical girls and fight for the rest of their life until they die. That's a very tame description, but anymore would give away the plot of a rather interesting and perspective storyline. But, it got me to thinking... what one wish would be great enough to risk the rest of your life for?

I sat there thinking, pretty sure I couldn't think of anything and thus, could never become a magical girl because I had no wish to make. But then I started thinking harder on it, as I lay there and stared into the shadows.

And within the crevices of my imagination, I beheld the wish-bringer.

What could I wish that would have been good enough? Worth risking my life? I started thinking back on the things I had done, and then, I finally came to the thought.

What if I could go back and do my life over again?

The details are personal, but lets just say, I've had a lot happen (understatement) to make me want to think about going back. What kind of choices would I make? What kind of things would of changed the course of my history? Whom would I have met, or stayed away from?

I closed my eyes, thinking, yes. If I had the opportunity, that would be my wish (at this point in time, of course). I'd wish to go back and do it over again.

But then I felt a hand on my side give a squeeze, and I looked over to this face.

When she awakens, my life turns into a comedy skit.

I stared at my girlfriend. And I knew... if I changed my life? I wouldn't be here with her. Nor, would I perhaps of met all the friends I had ever made, and all the important people who touched my life. What about all of them? Even the people I had known and come to the ends of a relationship with, whether lovers or friends, I may or may not of met them. All the cards were in the air.

Was it worth it?

Maybe. Maybe my life would have been better. It could be worse, too.

...But even if it was hard to get there, I'm proud of who I am. And at the moment, I'm content with where I am. Even if things are rough, they could be worse. But I can always make them better.

Its pointless to look back on the past, not when you can't change it.

Just keep going. The road ahead is, at the very least, yours to pave.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

2nd Spell - Supermoon

I was just accepted into college after a long, hard life of praying and working my ass off.

I was late getting into college—it wasn't immediately after high school (and due to family circumstances, I never finished high school, either). But, after faxing our transcripts around, calling and e-mailing people incessantly, and doing basically a lot of needless worrying, after starting this blog I began to see some sort of improvement.

Some of you might of remember that last month, March the 19th, the alleged Supermoon passed. Now, I remember seeing it in a news article on the internet, so I wanted to find out more about it. If the moon was really gonna be that huge, that would be perfect for spell casting.

The news said the moon was supposed to be 30% bigger to the human eye. Naturally, I was imagining it like this:

Also, naturally, I should stop playing video games.

I was still excited about the prospect of a Supermoon (even if I wound up dead), so I told my girlfriend about it. She seemed enthusiastic, so after I had finished being lazy on the computer, we grabbed a few choice items (mainly pen, parchment, the mini-cauldron, and a lighter) and headed on outside.

First of all, let me explain this: at the moment, we're doing a lot of moving around before school starts in September. At the moment, we're in Nova Scotia, Canada, though we both had just come from Texas in the United States. So, the first thing we get is hit in the face with bitch cold air. Luckily, the girlfriend and I are both pretty weather immune, so its not the cold that decided to make this particular casual ritual difficult.

I f***ing hate lighters.

But my girlfriend is different. She can just sit there and play with her lighter all damn day.

So we go outside, in the cold, and head over to a conveniently placed tree stump right in front of a perfect view of the Supermoon... which was disappointingly not all that super. But! Who am I to tell the newscast they're wrong? At least now it doesn't look like its going to eat me.

We set the mini-cauldron on the stump, and we get to work. The ritual was to write down the things holding us back from success, and to bur them away in the cauldron, and recite a small line until the parchment had completely burned out. It was simple, and assuming things went well, effective.

But nothing in life is ever easy.

First, the f***ing pen wouldn't write. Granted, we were trying to write on our backs, and then on the textured stump of the bark, but damn it! Eventually, after multiple tries we finally just imagined the words on the parchment, and then stuffed them into the cauldron.

And that's there the fun began. Since I'm completely incompetent at using a lighter, I decided to let my girlfriend be in charge of lighting things ablaze.

I didn't realize how windy it was until she started.


Me: … Its not working, is it.

Girlfriend: [ clicking away ] …I got this.

Me: [ watches the clicking ] [ attempts to block wind, cup hand, EVERYTHING SHE CAN THINK OF ] … Its not working.

Girlfriend: >:| [ probably miffed her pyro skills have been destroyed by wind ]

Me: We look like creepers just hunched out here over a damn stump. [ looks around] Lets go under the awning and try lighting it on fire.

And we did. And it worked, thank god. Both of us shuffled back outside, trying to keep the fire from going out, and set the cauldron o the stump to burn away the parchment. As it did, I chanted the spell repeatedly, until there was nothing left but ashes.

We headed inside after that.

After we did it, I wondered if it was worth going out in the middle of the night, in the blistering cold, when the moon wasn't nearly as super as it looked, but you know what?

It was, in the end.

And now I'm finally going to school.

1st Spell - Introduction

So when I started this blog, I had all sorts of wonderful aspirations about what it should be, what it could look like... but in the end, regardless of all of that, this is what I got. That's fine. We all have to start from somewhere.

Even though I was all pumped up for some reason on April Fool's Day, of all days, to start a blog, as soon as I hit "Save Design" and gazed happily at my pre-made template-created site, I drew a blank.

All of my desires became a wash of despair. I wanted to be informative, the go-to, and full of resources for the modern day witch... but I also didn't want to be boring. But I also didn't want to instantly classify myself as some wannabe funny guy, clinging desperately to the laughs of the people who happened to stumble upon my blog. I just wanted to be me.

But where the hell was I?!

An intro post was the best bet, but what could I put that would really capture me, and the point of this blog? It wasn't here for laughs. It served a purpose; not to say it couldn't be at the very least mildly entertaining to read (because who wants to read something that sounds like a Sunday church service—you know, the ones you can see the stereotypical 'dad' falling asleep in?). It needed to be something people could relate to. Was I even that?

The purpose of University Witch relies on the people who read it. They could be people just getting into the idea of any kind of magick-based faith, or those who had been in it for some time. It was geared for those in high school and in university—maybe even a useful resource for anyone who just found it interesting. Maybe it was for people who just wanted to see what a witch was like, or merely kick stereotypes to the curb. It was a lot to live up to, but the blog is up, isn't it?

My ideal is for it to be multipurpose. Part resource and reference material, part slice of life, part craft journal... really its just going to be a giant clusterf*ck of magick, and while at the same time that sounds horrible, it also sounds unfathomably awesome.

I left this here so you can try and fathom it, but in the end its going to be this blog, witches.

Anyway, welcome to University Witch. Hopefully you stick around with me long enough to actually make use of this blog or at least be entertained by what having magick in your life does to you... mentally, that is.

I guess if you're actually interested about me, I'll post about that sometime soon.