Wednesday, 13 April 2011

4th Spell - Sweet Dreams

My girlfriend just turned twenty-one on the eighth of April.

And here I'd like to make a tribute to Kwan-Yin and Isis,
her patron god and goddess for keeping her alive this long.

So to celebrate, we decided to go and see a movie. Since she was the birthday girl, of course my girlfriend got to choose what move to see. She told me what film it was, and then, I promptly passed out after playing Dragon Age for almost ten hours straight (during a time period in which I stayed up about thirty-six hours). Good thing too. I was starting to speak in tongues or something.

About potato babies, I think.

After waking up and getting ready, we headed to the movie. Ah, but lo and behold were we going to go watch?


So, we go off to the movie. Basically, long story short, the main character was navigating her real life through a dream world. Which comes to the point of this blog.


I'd like to say that everyone has, at one point during their life, realized in their dream that they were, in fact, dreaming. In my most recent “lucid dream”, I was in a supermarket behind hunted down by assassins when I realized I was dreaming. And then, I was able to jump to extraordinary heights, and fly away.

So how does one get to that point?

+ One: Keep a journal. A dream journal. It doesn't have to be anything special, just a notebook, or even just pulling up a word document (or Open Office if you're poor like me). In this journal, as soon as you wake up, write down your dream. If you remember more later, scribble it in there, too.

+ Two: Keep up with it. Don't do it for a little and quit.

+ Three: Go back and reread through your entries. Maybe you'll notice a pattern your subconscious gives you. In mine, when people start using Hollywood-style magic (such as throwing fireballs or something), I instantly know I'm dreaming. Sometimes I don't, but its getting easier as I go on. Also, the presence of people I no longer associate with is also a key giveaway.

Your subconscious will start picking up on odd hints here or there. Eventually, you will start being able to pick up on the fact that you are, indeed, dreaming. Sometimes, a person will wake up upon realizing that. Its not an art you will get down instantly. It takes time.

But hey. Sweet dreams are made of these~ ♥

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