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Patron Deities 101 - Ra

Welcome to yet another class at Magick User's University! I'd like to start a segment called “Patron Deities 101”. This will be a great way for those to learn about the different patron deities one can have to represent the god and goddess.

Of course, there is no rule stating you have to have one. For me, I like having a patron god in that represents the things I stand for, or want to influence in my life.

A patron god or goddess can come from any source. It doesn't even have to be the same one! For example, my girlfriend's patron god is from Chinese mythology, and her patron goddess is from Egyptian mythology. The god and goddess represent two sides of the same coin.

So, lets start with our God/dess of the Month, shall we?

For our very first class, I wanted it to be big. And since I have a love of Egyptian mythology, naturally, I chose...

*~ + RA + ~ *
Alternatively, Re.

Don't mess with this mofo.

+ About Ra

Most people know Ra, if only by one thing: he is the Egyptian god of the sun. Not only is he that, he is the top god, the head honcho, the big cheese (or the flaming pie in the sky), of the Egyptian gods. He created himself through sheer willpower, and the other gods below him came from his amazing ability to procreate on his own.

The most famous of his children are Osiris, god of the underworld, Isis, the mother goddess, Seth, god of chaos and storms, and then Nephthys, Seth's twin sister and the nursing mother.

As a creator god, he was the most widely worshiped.

It was said that he traveled on two solar boats—one in the morning, and then one in the evening, accompanied by other gods on his journey as he turned dawn into dusk. As the journey went on, he was said to age, and then, when the sun rose again, be reborn.

Humans were said to be made from Ra's tears and sweat, and he created all lifeforms. Because of this, the Egyptians sometimes referred to themselves as “the Cattle of Ra”. And the sun in the sky? Why, that is certainly Ra's great eye, beaming down on you, watching all who were under it.

+ So what makes Ra patron god material?

Ra can stand for a lot of things, but most notably creation, and life. He is a good patron god to watch over you in times of need. The Egyptians saw him as wise and omnipresent. Ra would be a wonderful god for those who wished to be protected, and to utilize his raw power while doing magick, or even for tasks in their every day life.

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Ra
Alternative Names: Re
Nationality: Egyptian
Type: Creator/Sun god
Physical Appearance: Varied, though most notably a falcon-man with a sun-disk on his head
Colors: White, Gold, Yellow
Day of the Week: Sunday
Attributes: Protection, Wisdom

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