Saturday, 2 April 2011

1st Spell - Introduction

So when I started this blog, I had all sorts of wonderful aspirations about what it should be, what it could look like... but in the end, regardless of all of that, this is what I got. That's fine. We all have to start from somewhere.

Even though I was all pumped up for some reason on April Fool's Day, of all days, to start a blog, as soon as I hit "Save Design" and gazed happily at my pre-made template-created site, I drew a blank.

All of my desires became a wash of despair. I wanted to be informative, the go-to, and full of resources for the modern day witch... but I also didn't want to be boring. But I also didn't want to instantly classify myself as some wannabe funny guy, clinging desperately to the laughs of the people who happened to stumble upon my blog. I just wanted to be me.

But where the hell was I?!

An intro post was the best bet, but what could I put that would really capture me, and the point of this blog? It wasn't here for laughs. It served a purpose; not to say it couldn't be at the very least mildly entertaining to read (because who wants to read something that sounds like a Sunday church service—you know, the ones you can see the stereotypical 'dad' falling asleep in?). It needed to be something people could relate to. Was I even that?

The purpose of University Witch relies on the people who read it. They could be people just getting into the idea of any kind of magick-based faith, or those who had been in it for some time. It was geared for those in high school and in university—maybe even a useful resource for anyone who just found it interesting. Maybe it was for people who just wanted to see what a witch was like, or merely kick stereotypes to the curb. It was a lot to live up to, but the blog is up, isn't it?

My ideal is for it to be multipurpose. Part resource and reference material, part slice of life, part craft journal... really its just going to be a giant clusterf*ck of magick, and while at the same time that sounds horrible, it also sounds unfathomably awesome.

I left this here so you can try and fathom it, but in the end its going to be this blog, witches.

Anyway, welcome to University Witch. Hopefully you stick around with me long enough to actually make use of this blog or at least be entertained by what having magick in your life does to you... mentally, that is.

I guess if you're actually interested about me, I'll post about that sometime soon.


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