Thursday, 7 July 2011

1st Glamour - The Spellmans

Part of someone's day-to-day lifestyle are the clothes they wear. But what does it mean to dress like a witch?

The path of magick is being who you are, whether you dress up in prestige, luxury brands, or a simple jeans and t-shirt. There is no way to “dress like a witch”--at least, not for the modern day witch.

But every witch wants something a little magickal to wear once in a while. So lets channel some of our inner magick to create styles just for the little witch in you. I don't stick to a price range, but I attempt to make the outfit look classy, but still be affordable. I do stick in luxury brands; however, the good thing about those is that there is always something at a more affordable budget that would work just as well. Lets get to the fun, and begin the first fashion segment at University Witch!

Today's Witchy Look:

The Spellmans

I wonder how zany that show would have been if it looked like this?

If you've ever watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, then you'll remember the 90s fashion that they wore on the show. Okay, so at the time some if it was awesome (and a couple of gets ups still are), but what about channeling that style with a bit more of a modern flair?

Lets tackle four witchy characters: Sabrina, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda, and yes, even Salem!

+ Your Everyday Plucky Witchling
Sabrina was the everyday girl turned magickal. On her 16th she was bestowed some supernatural powers that threw her world for a loop. Sabrina's style was characterized by her laid back, earthy feel. Super natural (get it?), if you will. The key is to look good... but as if you didn't try.

Blazer: Caramel Cotton Blazer [$50]
Shirt: Ruffled Scoopneck Top [$18]
Jeans: Women's Straight Jeans [$30]
Boots: Brown Buckle Sweater Boot [$37]
Purse: Suede 10s Crossbody [$30]
Necklace: Ben-Amun Coral Teardrop Necklace [$170]

+ The Sagely (but Sexy) Scholar
Zelda was definitely the brains of the family, characterized by her obsession with chemistry-based potions and concoctions, and refined look. For a younger witch who doesn't want to look like a Crone, just sophisticated, here is a mix-up that will leave you feeling super classy. The key to this style is chic, clean colors, but topped with accessories for a fresh look.

Overshirt: BKE Lace Top [$26]
Undershirt: Full Tilt Womens Seamless Cami [$10]
Skirt: T by Alexander Wang High Waisted Pencil Skirt: [$140]
Shoes: Cynthia Peep Toe Pumps [$27]
Purse: Burberry Check Tote [$795]
Necklace: Kate Middleton Inspired Montana Blue Crystal Necklace [$22]
Bracelet: Magnetic Closure Bracelet [$40]

+ The Wacky Witch
Hilda was not only funny and original, but so was her fashion. She loved bright colors and bold prints—nothing was too flamboyant or striking to not wear! For those who love bold and bright but don't want to get stares on the street (minus good ones), take a bit of Hilda's fashion sense and walk with pride! The key here is confidence!

Shirt: Gypsy 05 Lava Angali Top [$80]
Undershirt: Chesca Printed Piped Trim Mesh Camisole [$65]
Pants: East Jersey Trousers [$30]
Hat: Jessica Simpson 'Large Bow' Floppy Sun Hat [$38]
Shoes: Satin Platform Sandal [$50]
Sunglasses: Cream Shell Cats Eye Shape Sunglasses [$32]
Purse: Ted Baker Eden Tote Handbag in Tan [$250]

+ A Wonderfully Wicked Warlock
Okay so technically male witches are still called that, but warlock just had a ring to it for this title. Salem the cat was once and man who wished to achieve global domination. He had a suave charm, and he almost had it! Work that same mystique into your attire and you're ready to charm your way into even the toughest interview.

Jacket: L.K. Bennett Tuxedo Jacket [$300]
Blouse: Knife Pleat and Ruffle Top [$60]
Pants: Tall Bootut Tousers [$20]
Shoes: Madame Herringbone Heel [$38]
Hat: Black Classic Wool Fedora [$23]
Purse: Black Patent Bow Clutch [$20 ]
Ring: Silver Legends Women's White Faux Opal Ring [$50]
Earrings: Silver look tear drop earrings [$30]

That does it for the first Fashion segment here at University Witch! Check up for more Glamours here in the future! ♥ Make sure to check us out on our Facebook, and if you're ever so inclined, you can always follow out zany antics and random posts on Tumblr!

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