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Intro to Magickal Texts - Amulets & Talismans for Beginners

Intro to Magickal Texts is a course in Magick User's University that strives to promote the reading of material outside of the sight to broaden your own horizon! These books are written by great authors who certainly know their stuff, and can enlighten you in any aspect of magick! From general knowledge to the specifics of witchcraft in general, Intro to Magickal Texts hopes to touch base with them all. Lets see what we have in store for today!

Amulets & Talismans for Beginners
Richard Webster

+ So what is this book about?
This is actually one of two books I own of Richard Webster's, but I decided this one was a good subject for the second session of this course. In another post, I talked about how to create a talisman. While that is a perfectly fine and good example, this book takes it to the next level, and provides the beginner with solid information. It goes over the difference between an amulet, talisman, and lucky charm, as well as providing a lot of what made those objects just that.

In addition to educating the reader, it also goes over how to make, charge, and even properly destroy a talisman. Webster also provides a section gemstones and crystals, for those whom are interested in combining them with their amulet creation. There is also a very small section on magic squares, as well as zodiac tables and planets.

The only vice I personally have with this book is the section on “making” the talisman. It merely provides the things a witch probably already knows: concentration on the project, making sure things correspond to the purpose, etc. However, it provides absolutely no information as to how to actually make one.

But that's all right. I'm sure I'll cover something of the sort in Spellcraft 101. In fact, the flower petal paper can be handy for some pretty talisman creations!

+ Who do you recommend it to?
I highly recommend this book for people who already have a basic grasp of amulets and talismans, but want to expand their knowledge. This book says its for beginners, but I'm inclined to disagree on behalf of the lack of explanation on how to create a talisman or amulet. Of course, for the later you can also pick up books on jewelry making. Still, its a great book for people who want to learn more about it and introduce the concept of amulets and talismans into their magickal lifestyle.

+ So where can I buy it?
After exhausting bookstores, check it out on Llewellyn's website!

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