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Famous Witches: Card Captor Sakura

Welcome to the newest course at Magick Users' University, Famous Witches: Real and Fictional. This course is a great combination of informational and fun, as there are plenty of witches in the real world and of course, in literature, movies, and other media. Some will be familiar, others new, but all interesting. We hope you enjoy!

For our first lesson, lets begin with a little “witch” I've loved since I was a kid.


Card Captor Sakura
Real name Kinomoto Sakura, or Sakura Avalon (English vers.)

+ So who is Card Captor Sakura?
Card Captor Sakura is a fictional witch created by the Japanese manga group, CLAMP. She is an elementary school girl, who thought she was normal until she stumbled upon a book that set loose a bunch of cards called “Clow Cards” into the world, allowing them to wreak havoc using their individual powers. Using a variety of elaborate, gorgeous costumes, along with her wand, Sakura embarks on the journey to collect the Clow Cards and return them to the book before an unknown, ominous disaster befalls the world she lives in.

During this elaborate journey is her best friend, Tomoyo, who films her adventures and is also responsible for her costumes. There is also Syaoran Li, whom accompanies her after a time and becoming the love interest in the series.

+ What makes them special?
Card Captor Sakura is special for the fact that she is a lot like most witches today: a normal girl suddenly exposed to the world of magick. At first, she is unsure about her powers, but in the end becomes a very powerful and influential witch. While the series never really calls her a witch much (perhaps to avoid the negative connotations of the word), its a bit obvious, even with the hints from her costumes. Plus, she has all the witch essentials: a familiar, a magic wand, incantations, and even a symbolic Book of Shadows (the Book of Clow) and even tarot cards (the Clow Cards), which can even be used for divination.

+ Where can I learn more about her?
Card captor Sakura can be found online and in many bookstores in its manga (comic) form, and also has an accompanying animated television series. A note to people not familiar with anime: do yourself a favor and, if you choose to watch the show, watch it in Japanese with the subtitles. The English version has cut out the first seven episodes, along with editing a lot of the story that destroys an otherwise beautiful plot and intriguing story.

+ Supernatural Statistics:
Name: Card Captor Sakura
Other names: Kinomoto Sakura, Sakura Avalon
D.O.B: April 1st
Sign: Aries
Alliance: Good witch
Known for: Becoming the Mistress of the Clow, her gorgeous attire
Familiar: Kero (Keroberus)
Tool of Choice: Magick wand, Clow (Tarot) Cards

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