Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Amaterasu

Glad to see you could join us in class today! Here at Magick Users University, we strive to promote education as well as fun in our classes! Today, we'll be bringing you a new patron deity!

Today's honorable goddess is...!

*~ + AMATERASU + ~ *

She'll outshine you, always.

+ About Amaterasu
Amaterasu is a Japanese goddess who represents (or is) the sun for the Shinto religion in Japan. She is one of their principal deities, to the point where people worship her solely. That group is widely known as “the Cult of the Sun”. Shinto is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people, which carries and connects the traditions of ancient Japan and modern day Japan.

Her full name is Amaterasu-omikami, (天照大神-天照大御神) which means “the great August kami who shines in Heaven”. Kami means “spirit”, though the word “god” is also used synonymously (so one could assume it would mean a “higher” spirit than of say a mortal).

She is known to be a beautiful and radiant goddess, born from the left eye of the god Izanagi as he purified himself, whom then went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plain. She was so bright ad radiant that he sent her up a long ladder to the Celestial Plain, where she has ruled ever since. However, the world was shielded in a period of darkness when he brother, the god of storms, created a stirring on earth so noisy it frightened the beautiful Amaterasu, and she hid in a cave and covered it with a rock. It blotted out her rays, covering everything in shadow.

However, the trickster god's dancing beckoned her out of her cave. A mirror had been hung in front of it, and, curious to see the beautiful light she saw (which was merely her own brilliant reflection) closer, she came out, bringing light to the world once more.

+ So what makes Amaterasu patron goddess material?

She is an important part of Shinto religion, thus making her a very prominent goddess and deity. Being the goddess of the sun, you can be sure that Amaterasu will bring beauty, light, and clarity to your life and magick, along with also things like warmth, radiance, and growth.

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Amaterasu (天照)
Alternative Names: N/A
Nationality: Japanese (Shinto)
Type: Sun Goddess
Physical Appearance: A typical Japanese beauty with pale skin, black hair, and constantly radiant
Colors: Red, white, and gold/yellow
Day of the Week: Sunday
Attributes: Radiance, beauty, sun magick, warmth, and growth

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