Saturday, 29 October 2011

17th Spell - For Sale, Vampire Blood, Cheap

Lore and I were headed out to Sprouts for some groceries, but it was on our way that we walked passed the Dollar Tree, and within its clear glass walls stood a magnificent display of Halloween-themed decorations. Its cheap plastic Shangri-La was the most glorious I had seen since the Sabbat came to mind.

“Lore!” I exclaimed, grasping her arm with a bright smile. “Can we go inside before we go to Sprouts? Please? Pretty please?”

Lore glanced down at me, and, in a tone that said she would humor me, replied, “Yeah, sure. Lets go then. We got time.”

It was within the store that we purchased a goblet that read “Vampire Blood” on it. It matched the ones I had gotten that said “Witches Brew” and “Spider Venom” last time. Also, since our ice cube trays were starting to crack, we spotted a silicone one that made ice cubes in the shape of pumpkins.

“Oh, this is cute!” I exclaimed as Lore picked it up. “Lets get it!”

We wandered around the store for a bit more (mainly because its always interesting to see what's lurking in a dollar store). I asked Lore if we needed anything from here before we went to Sprouts. As we headed down an aisle, we paused by all the leg razors, and I snagged a pack before heading to the line.

The cashier scanned all of our items, and looked down at them for a brief moment with a perplexed look on his face. Lore looked down as well, before she burst out laughing.

“What?” I asked, confused, before the cashier picked the items up as he placed them in the back, going, “Huh, Vampire's Blood goblet—I wonder who's blood that's gonna be—oh, and some ice cubes to keep it all chilled and some razors...looks like someone's gonna be cuttin' tonight.”

The other people in the line looked as us as all three of us started laughing. The collection of items reminded me of a 3am Wal-Mart purchase... but it was only 7 in the evening at this point. But strange things like this happen once in awhile. Lore and I snickered about it with one another as we made our way into Sprouts.

Monday is the big day! ♥ May all your Samhain's be merry!

Love, Soull~

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