Saturday, 31 December 2011

And a Happy New Year!

There's only a handful of hours left! We're reaching another magickal time in our lives... the passing of yet another year for our Mundane counterparts, and perhaps even ourselves. The New Year is perhaps the closest thing to a global holiday as the world will ever get... at least for now. Who knows what will happen during the mysterious year of 2012?

As with tradition, people come up with New Years resolutions! Do you remember what resolution you made last year? Did you keep it? I certainly didn't. The key to making good resolutions is to be specific and not be vague! Saying "I play to lose weight" leaves far too much wiggle room. Are you padding yourself for the fall of failure? Saying something like, "I plan to lose 5lb every month". And make sure you do the research before committing yourself to a plan.

"Wow!" You might be saying to yourself. "So what will you plan for the New Year?"

My resolutions are as follows:

1. Obtain a New Job. I'm going to need something that pays a but more (or at the very least, allows me to work full-time) in order to keep up the place Lore and I have. Also, something fresh and new for the new year is always a good thing.

2. Get a car. The public transportation in Texas is absolutely horrible. Going to need a car to get around. This can come into play anytime after I get a job. The new job takes priority.

3. Dedicate one day a week to University Witch. In the later months, I felt as if my activity was lessening. I don't love University Witch any less! I had originally put "dedicate more time", but I saw myself about to fall into that vague trap! I just need to make sure to get on the ball and keep up with it, and try and offer new, fresh things. And speaking of new and fresh things...

4. Start on the Clover Comic. I've been pushing it off, but the longer I do, the worse it will be. I am going to make the Clover Comic the first post of the new year. And this is a good resolution I can fill out immediately! So be on the look out!

5. Love Thyself. This is an important rule for me. Sometimes I feel as if I am not the greatest person, or sometimes even a failure of one, but I need to realize that, as long as I love myself, and that there are people who love me, that I shouldn't hate myself, or be afraid. As long as I think I can be something great, I can keep on living. And remember, for everyone else who may feel the same, that if anything, you can count on the power of magick to help you though! University Witch, and Magick Users University, can always be your home!

To all Witches and Mundanes in the world,

Have a Happy New Year!

With Love,

Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

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