Monday, 12 December 2011

19th Spell - What Santa Stands For

This is a poem I wrote about what happened to me at work. I hope this can inspire you to make sure you have a happy Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah... whatever you celebrate, and to make kind choices this holiday season.

What Santa Stands For

Twas the night before Sunday
And all through the mall
All the people were shopping
Guest Services standing tall.

When the phone suddenly rang
And I answered it true:
“You've reached Guest Services
How may I help you?”

The woman on the line
Her voice cold, she would relay:
“I'd like to file a complaint.”
Much to my dismay.

I pulled out the paper and pen
To get started
And this was the story
She greatly departed:

On the mall's second floor
Where Santa Claus was
Where the children were lined up
For their pictures, all abuzz.

After a two hour wait
They finally got through.
The pictures were taken
But oh, what to do?!

She had left her purse carside,
No money to pay
So she whipped out her cell phone
For one right away

But one of the helpers
They laughed in her face!
And stepped in her way
Right in front of her place.

And humiliated, she left
With her child so sad
But there was still one last thing
That he wished to be had.

The five-year-old boy
With his smile so bright
Said: “May I have one of Santa's
Cookies tonight?”

So the mother, though miffed
Paused to let him take the treat
But this was the kicker
What truly rang defeat!

The girl with the plate
Smiled back and then said:
“Did you pay for a picture?”
And the mom shook her head.

And as the boy was reaching
For that glimmering tray
The girl did what I feared:
She pulled it away!

“Unless you pay for a picture
You can't have a sweet.”
And the mother with stunned eyes
Was glued to the feet.

I could hear the mother seething
Though she said nothing at all
And with these final words
She ended the call:

“Thank you for helping
I hope something can be done
To placate my still crying child
My son.

“I had said Santa stands for giving
And charity too
And his day with him was ruined
Don't you think so too?”

And she hung up the phone
What could I say? She was right!
Merry Christmas to all
And no cookies tonight.

Have a Happy Yule and Happy Holidays.
Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

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