Wednesday, 28 December 2011

20th Spell - Behold! The Magickal Housewife!

The New Year was fast approaching, and I knew that I needed to work on some major changes in my life, and everything surrounding it. For instance...

Lets pretend I can draw for a moment and assume this is garbage.
...Oh, wait.

I really needed to clean.

I was waiting for the right opportunity, and it came to me on Tuesday, the 27th of December. What luck! It was close to the end of the year, so this was the perfect time to begin my venture. Lore was going to be out for the day with her friends, so I rolled up my theoretical sleeves and started doing what I've probably been meaning to do since we moved into this place.

Really, really clean.

I didn't know where to start—that was how overwhelming the mess was. Since Lore's younger brother was going to be staying for a bit at our apartment come this week, I decided to start on the living room, since that was where he was going to be sleeping at. It only made sense that was where I planned on starting my Feng Shui journey.

As soon as I started cleaning... it felt awesome.

I could literally feel all of the built up negativity that had been lingering in the apartment vanishing. I ruffled up messy counter tops, deciding to start simple and just get rid of any trash. Now, when you think trash, you think, well... what goes into the bin everyday. No, we didn't just have garbage laying around everywhere. But at the same time, we did.

Old receipts, junk mail, the coupon circulars, old magazines, paycheck stubs, old sketches, directions to people's houses, business cards we would never look at, wrapping paper and tissue paper from Christmas... nothing escaped my purifying gaze as I plowed through the living room, dining room, and bar area. I was slowly becoming shocked about just how much crap was lying around!

After almost two hours, I finally eliminated all of the trash in the living and dining room.

I was the goddamn goddess of this condominium!

I sat down, taking a breather from all the work I had been doing. Just by eliminating trash, this place looked so much better! It seemed that the mess was really just clutter that had taken over everything. Now, it was a matter of starting in one place, and slowly filtering everything into the appropriate rooms. If I was able to get that done, I could target each room of the apartment individually, without worrying that books that needed to be on the shelves in the closet were strewn about the living room, or hairbrushes and the straightening iron was sitting in the living room when they needed to be in the bathroom.

I decided to start in the dining room, since there were things merely sitting on the dining room table... when that was supposed to be the table for eating or, sometimes working as we didn't have an office room or anything of the sort. I kept on stealing glances at the Christmas tree that sat innocently in its corner in the living room. I would have to figure out what to do with it later.

For now, I began in the dining room. I started sorting out things, before I realized the carpet was really catching my attention. The next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees, showing no fear as I reached underneath couches and collect trash and tokens of livelihood. Sure enough, rubbish, rubbish, and more rubbish. I tossed them into another trash bag, now on my third. I even somewhere along the way took off the ornaments from the Christmas tree, moved chairs and vacuumed. I realized we needed a better vacuum than the one we had.

As I cleaned, and the space became, well, actually that, I felt... cleaner. Energized. The more I cleaned, the more invigorated I became. I was dispelling all the negativity that had latched onto my house... and it was glorious!


For some reason, as I kept on cleaning, its purifying abilities soared me to higher spirits. I couldn't wait for Lore to get home... maybe she would feel it too. Suddenly, the ability to succeed in everything I tried or did seemed to come soaring at me. Every moment I cleaned, I felt great.

Thinking of cleaning from a magickal perspective made it easier for me, as well. Imaging myself as some kind of scholarly mage utilizing my awesome techniques to purge the demons that dwelled in my abode certainly made it all the more interesting.

There's still a lot more to do, but, at least now, the living room and dining room are clean!

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