Monday, 29 August 2011

Spellcraft 101 - Pauper-to-Prince Prosperity Box

Its time to break out the fun stuff guys! Magick User's University is all about interesting crafts that can be useful during your travel through the world of Magick. Today, we're going to focus on a project of making a Prosperity Box today in Spellcraft 101.

+ So what is a Prosperity Box?
Lore was the one who actually handed this information down to me from something that her grandmother did. Her grandmother would put money in a box, and stick in a spell or prayer in the box with it, and leave it out in the open to bring in money to the home. Having just moved into our new apartment and attempting to secure jobs, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to try it out.

And, I found out it did an amazing job! I'm happy in my apartment, and with a great new job that I absolutely love, and starting classes in just a couple of days! Because of this, I decided, as a University Witch, to share this spell with all of you, and hope it brings the prosperity you need in your own life! Besides, who couldn't use a bit of prosperity in their life?

+ Pauper-to-Prince Prosperity Box +

This is a pretty short project that you can do at home. You have the option of doing this while burning incense or candles to add some “oomph” to your spell. I personally an fine with merely getting into a quiet area and into the zone before I start.

+ Materials +
A pen or pencil
A box or container

This is a pretty easy project, which is always good. When Lore told me about it, I thought it was a splendid idea! When you think about it, putting precious items or money in a box, pouch, or safe isn't uncommon, is it very common, and thus I felt a bit silly upon hearing it. Why didn't I think of something that simple before? The best part is, the materials are easy to find around the house. I made it because I was looking for a job, and was a bit worried about the financial situation of our new apartment, for which was being paid for by financial aid from school (however, everything else would have to come from our own pocket). You can use it for yourself, for finding a job, pulling more money into your pocket (who doesn't want more money?), and for success in all things you do.

+ One: Get into the right mindset. Remember what the prosperity box is for, and concentrate on that purpose as you collect your materials. When you are done, settle down and start first with the sheet of paper and pen. On here, you will write out a spell for what you want to bring into your life. It can be general, or specific. It all depends on you.

For those whom are not spell inclined, I've written a general one for you below that you can use!

The branches of the Prosperity Tree
Tremble, shake, and shimmer for me
And rain down riches, of jewel and heart
May your good grace and I never part.
So mote it be.

Since this box was for both Lore and I, I wrote down two different poems, both directed to one of our patron gods.

+ Two: After writing out your spell, pull out the box you've chosen.

Mine has an elephant!

Anything you find for a box is fine. Mine is actually a disposable tea caddy made of metal. Why you would want to dispose of it is really beyond me. In fact, I had it for years because I just liked how it looked. The next thing you know, I had a use for it! This is the life of a future shop owner and current pretty-object magpie, haha. Your own box could be something very plain, like an old jewelry box, or a ring box, or even a shoe box if nothing else (if you have younger siblings, their shoes are smaller and thus would be better for this project).

After getting your box, bust out the money! Oh, but wait! What are you putting in there?

The prosperity box will not work if you merely throw a few pennies and nickles in there and call it a day. To give is to receive is the adage, and you need to put forth effort by putting forth some money. Now, we're not talking about like, serious money here. But if should be a noticeable amount, something that you could perhaps miss or say, “I could buy a ____ with that”. Since food is always of importance, our first thought was, “enough to buy a cheap meal”. We're university students, after all. Lore and I put in, I believe, four dollars and change in our mixed currency, United States currency and Canadian currency. Four dollars is a meal at McDonalds (a dollar meal, at least). Apparently, the gods believed it was enough.

Stuff it in the box, and fold up the spell and tuck it in afterward. Close the box. We're almost done!

+ Three: After completing the box, find a place out in the open to put it. We chose our bedside table! It seemed to be the best bet, and there it stays, slowly pulling in good fortune. I think that touching it, thanking it, or even giving it a gentle shake while asking it to bring you good fortune in an endeavor, such as before a job interview, seems to work well! And now, I'm going to go and give it a shake on the publishing of a book, haha! ♥ I hope it works as well for all of you as it has for me!

And there you have it! The first course in Magick User's University, Spellcraft 101. Hope you join us in class again soon!

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  1. Hmm if I recall, though I could be wrong, that box actually came from my cousin's house as a gift to you and I for decorating our apartment. If I'm not wrong then the origins of that box may have aided the spell a bit. Not to mention, if I remember what my cousin told us correctly, elephants are a symbol of good fortune and protectors from evil spirits/wrong doers. It would be very appropriate for an elephant to not only bring in money but keep it in the home as well!

  2. Its as if the box was waiting to serve that purpose! ♥ And yes, it was from your cousin! I didn't know that they protected people from spirits, but I did recall that they were a symbol of good fortune. How appropriate!

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  4. so what happens when you are through with the spell?

  5. If the spell is performed right (and I suppose like you ask for, luck is on your side), its is supposed to make a turn in your personal wheel of fortune. After making this box, I got my job (which I love), and I'm living very happily in my new apartment, and I'm having a very successful time with this blog and other activities I pursue. Basically, in short, its supposed to make you prosperous, whether monetary or with friendship, activities, etc.


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