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2nd Glamour - Fall 2011 Fashion

Hey there, Witches and Mundanes! I hope so far, everyone has been having a great summer, but enough about that!

This past week, my work held a huge fashion show, and I loved seeing it all come together. They introduced the upcoming fall fashion for this year, and I saw a lot of great things. So! In efforts to keep up with the world around us, but still keep our witchy flair, I felt it was time for another glamour post!

Part of someone's day-to-day lifestyle are the clothes they wear. But what does it mean to dress like a witch?

The path of magick is being who you are, whether you dress up in prestige, luxury brands, or a simple jeans and t-shirt. There is no way to “dress like a witch”--at least, not for the modern day witch.

But every witch wants something a little magickal to wear once in a while. So lets channel some of our inner magick to create styles just for the little witch in you. I don't stick to a price range, but I attempt to make the outfit look classy, but still be affordable. I do put in luxury brands from time-to-time; however, the good thing about those is that there is always something at a more affordable budget that would work just as well. So lets get on with it!

University Witch Guide to Fall Fashion 2011

Fall is here! Which is a busy season for all fashionistas. There's a lot on the runway, people are buying clothes left and right for anything up to school, work, or merely even pleasure. So, lets check out and see everything this fall has to offer! It looks like dressing smart (and I mean literally smart) and sleek are what's in, along with the lovely trench coat! Provided you know how to wear it, that is.

+ The Green Child
When people say “green child”, it doesn't have to mean trapped in an era of love and peace. In fact, this motif can be made very modern with the right accessories and pieces. Show off your relaxed, down-to-earth nature (get it?) with an ensemble like the following!

The tones are neutral, but the green is what really makes it stand out. The skirt and grey tights give it a cute flair, while the lace-up boots shout out to your attune nature with, well, nature! With a touch of peacock feathers and the little hummingbird in the hair, it shows off an appreciation for animals. The trench and solid green tote really round it all off and pulls everything together.

+ The Mundane Impersonator
For those whom want to blend in with our non-magick brethren, this outfit is a perfect blend of neutrality and spark!

Jeans are the staple for any mundane, and these slightly distressed ones show a life of wear and tear (you know, because those mundanes don't have magick to aid them!). The cape with is diagonal lines are slimming, especially with the heels boots, but the glitz and glam every witch needs are hidden! The silver sequin tank is buried underneath the cape, only giving out a hint of shine. The plain gray cap dulls it down a bit, but the silver earrings and faux-scale clutch back it up. All the magick is hidden in the most unsuspecting of places!

+ The Wicked Witch
While your mundane-impersonating sister witch above attempts to hide what's inside, this approach is a little more... out there.

Nothing says wicked witch like the colors green and black. The dull green is in due to the more subdued fall colors, and so the screen print tee does the trick. Add on the punk with the distressed shorts and studded belt, along with some tights to combat the fall chill. The belted boots also match the studded look. Of course, you'll need a good scarf; another splash of green so the color isn't all hidden under the darkness (in your heart?). Finally, a stylish black trench to redefine all trench coats from the basement dweller look back in the early 2000s, and your chain and stud purse to top it all off.

+ The Wizard Apprentice
Fall means back to school, and for the more studious, serious witch, there's no need to not go back in style and keep your pristine, tailored look!

The main clothing articles are fitting for the modest and prim look of the scholarly type: the slacks are a token work staple, the red turtleneck is eye-popping and modest, and of course, the navy blazer with its white trim denotes studiousness, upscale, and provides a polished and tailored look. Oxford pumps are what give away the sense of style: mainly because while they are based of normal oxfords, the pump is an impractical aspect that most fashionable people incorporate into their wardrobe. With the silver watch (to check the time for class or work!), the leather satchel (for all the books and notes on magick we have to cart around), and the black hat to hide under as they bustle down the street, it all ties together. Add on the silver “Tree of Life” necklace for a good luck charm for concentration and academic flourishing.

+ The Little Goddess
There is a beautiful, heavenly little goddess inside of every witch. This outfit is sure to make you feel like you could walk across fluffy clouds, talk to animal familiars, and do just about anything from your heavenly, sweet little perch.

The pale, light colors are what really make this whole outfit stand out. Light, pearly colors are glamorous and whimsical. The lacy white dress is a great starting point, giving the base of feminine frill. The Burberry, tan cape and hidden pattern will only show with wide movements and at the tips—the pattern with automatically give away the upscale value to the attire (though with this look, you already look as if you're worth infinite amounts!). The white, ribbon boots are classy and sweet. The accompanying accessories: the pale purse that matches the dress and cape, and all the gold jewelry pieces make you gleam like a deity. Its that final splash of color, that pale lavender on the ring, that adds a touch of volume to the whole ensemble.

That does it for the fall segment of University Witch! If you're interested in the items, find out where to buy them on our University Witch Polyvore account! Also, make sure to check us out on Tumblr, and join in on the zany antics there!

Want some University Witch fashion? Make sure to check out our brand new shop for all kinds of magickal items!

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  1. Amazing post. All dress are looking cute. I always love fashion clothing and always have appreciation for those who love it. The above fashion dress are so beautiful and the color combination is so gorgeous as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.