Thursday, 4 August 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Sedna

Glad to see you could join us in class today! Here at Magick Users University, we strive to promote education as well as fun in our classes! Today, we'll be bringing you a new patron deity!

Today's first and honorable goddess is...!

*~ + SEDNA + ~ *
Alternatively, Nerivik, Siarnaq

Appearances are deceiving... she is actually a very compassionate goddess.

+ About Sedna
Sedna is a Native American Goddess from the Inuit territory...meaning cold. She rules over the arctic ocean and the Inuit Underworld. She is depicted as a rather viciously bloated woman with missing fingers and one eye... a rather fearsome image. But she wasn't always this way.

Once, Sedna was a beautiful maiden whom suitors traveled far for. However, she took a vow during her life to never marry, in order to care for her aging father. This deterred all potential suitors (whom were probably very disappointed).

One day, a mysterious, handsome man kayaked up to her abode. The mysterious man was charming, exotic, alluring... and most of all, rich. The man showered Sedna in every way possible so she would change her mind about never marrying. He provided luxurious furs, the good stuff. After so much care, Sedna finally fell to his allure and sailed off with him, leaving her father in lavish splendor.

Despite this, her father wanted her back, so he kayaked to Sedna and her mysterious husband's private home. Turns out she was miserable there—the legend says that he “wasn't the man she loved”. He may have been treating her badly, despite his wealth. Because of this, her father took her back towards home.

While they canoed home, Sedna's husband, whom was really a ghastly spirit, found out. He took off after them, and Sedna tried to hide in her father's boat, but it wasn't enough. The spirit conjured up a terrifying storm with churning water. Sedna's father, fearful the spirit would take his life, tossed his beautiful daughter overboard in the storm. Sedna tried to grasp for the edge, but her father chopped off all of her fingers, sending her sinking into the depths of the ocean. Her fingers turned into the first sea life, and her body remained under the sea. Well, you know why she's bloated now.

Upon returning to life, she has since ruled the sea and the underworld, called the Adlivun. If you want her god blessings while hunting or traveling in the ocean, pray to her and offer to comb her hair if she never needs it.

+ So what makes Sedna patron goddess material?

Sedna isn't an evil goddess. She does her job. She rules over water (mainly its dark components, emphasizing on its strength and might), ice, and the underworld. Because the Adkivn froze the would that came there and purified them for entrance into their afterlife (think of it as Limbo), she also has healing and purification properties.

Also, she would be great for spells involving compassion, love, family, and beauty. She is known for her lovely black hair, which she loves to have combed. It must get tangled a lot, living in the bottom of the arctic ocean!

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Sedna
Alternative Names: Nerivik, Siarnaq
Nationality: Native American; Inuit
Type: Water and Underworld goddess
Physical Appearance: Bloated body, no fingers, one eye, and long, black hair
Colors: Black, dark blue, ice blue
Day of the Week: Monday, Wednesday
Attributes: Water, ice, spirit communication, love, beauty, death

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