Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Witch's Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Its time to strap in for the holiday season. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for our American readers, and then the day after is the dreaded Black (magick?) Friday! In order to assure complete and total nirvana, we are putting up a small list of tips for these upcoming two days! So, what can one as a witch do to assure greatness? Well... University Witch offers up just one thing!

1. Don't cast spells.
You might be surprised to see that this is the first on the list, but allow me to enlighten you. This of everything happening around you. You might have family over. You could be taking a break from getting that turkey ready, or putting together your purse for Black Magick Friday. You might be rushing about, or maybe the other members of your house are as they prepare for the festivities. With all of this spare energy being strewn about, this is probably the worst time for doing any sort of spell casting. Casting spells take energy, concentration, and most of all, a calm spirit. By doing this, you are just asking for things to go awry.

2. Do take the time to thank your patrons.
In a time of family, health, and wealth, thanking your patron deities for all they have done for you so care is always a good step in deepening your bond with them (or buttering them up for that prosperity spell you're going to cast). Before digging into your food, just thank them that you're still a witch before digging in. There's no harm in that.

3. Don't eat too much.
This is basic knowledge. While you want to pray to your patrons, you don't want to have to bow down and offer tribute to the one that lives in the bathroom, right?

4. Do wear an amulet on Black Magick Friday.
While spellcasting may not be in your best interest, passive magick and “ready made” magick are always handy, especially on Black Magick Friday. You can always read stories of people being trampled and getting hurt because of the “amazing sales” going on. If you are one of the people who partake in this shopping bonanza, please do yourself a favor and wear an amulet before you head out. It is of course, great for your protection, and all you have to do is wear it. It does the work for you.

5. Don't forget... to have fun.
While this holiday may be stressful, make sure you are always enjoying yourself. If you're not, there's no reason to do it!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and may the God and Goddess be with you!

Soull Soothslayer

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