Saturday, 14 May 2011

Witchin' in the Kitchen - Candied Rose Petals

This is a segment of University Witch called Witchin' in the Kitchen, which is instructed by my girlfriend, Lore Sagemaker. We provide both video footage, as well as written step-by-step instructions for those who like them on “paper” instead. Hope you enjoy!

A Rosy Outlook – Candied Rose Petals

This is a great project for a University Witch. Without the need to use a stove, oven, or any type of heating appliance, these candied treats are easy to make. A word of advice, however: these pretty confections take a long time to dry, so plan ahead if you want them for a certain time or event!


+ Rose petals (we used pink ones, about three roses)
Used to represent love
+ 1 egg white (alternatively, you can by the kind in a carton)
For fertility and fresh beginnings
+ Sugar
For attraction

One. Place the rose petals in a blow and wash them off in cold water to make sure they are clean. Make sure to be gentle while cleaning them! Place them on a paper towel when you're done.

Two. Pour some sugar onto an empty plate and set to the side.

Three. Crack open an egg into a bowl and slowly filter out the white of the egg by slowly transferring the yolk from one half the cracked eggshell to the other. Throw the yolk and shells away.

Four. Dip a petal into the egg white, coating it lightly and evenly. Then, coat the petal with sugar on both sides. Transfer to a cookie sheet or wire rack to dry (you can also use wax paper!). Repeat until all of the rose petals have been coated. Drying time: Anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, depending.

Once they're done, store them in a dry place! They make a delicious treat decorating cakes, or even floating in your tea!

Thank you for watching, and we hope you enjoyed the the first course of Witchin' in the Kitchen! Make sure to check us out on Facebook! ♥

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  1. Wow, that looks really tasty and easy enough for someone as accident prone in the kitchen as I am.