Saturday, 28 May 2011

University Witch Cards!

I suppose this isn't an official post, however, who can contain their excitement after designing and ordering their very first business card?

I thought about how to advertise University Witch for the longest time, and to get my name out there. For some odd reason, making a simple business card never came to mind. But really, it was the perfect solution! I could ask to leave them on the counter of shops, or if I ever met someone I felt would be interested in my blog, I could just easily pull out a sleek little card from my purse and bam! Instant advertising.

So what does this cute little card look like? Well, for starters, its purple.

As you may notice, there's a bit of room around the edge, but as it was made with the websites template, it left some bleed and trim room. However, I really love the design, and I tried the sample pack - 50 cards, and all I had to pay was the shipping! How cool is that?

You can get the 10 card sample just by visiting the Moo website and checking it out. It even has pre-made designs for those who are not handy with photoshop. Its great for making comp cards, business cards, and anything else you might need, and really user friendly. Plus, you get all the same options as people who are purchasing the cards. I chose to print mine on some eco-friendly recycled paper!

I can't wait to see these printed out!

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