Saturday, 7 May 2011

8th Spell - Secret Paths

It was a very peaceful day, yesterday. It was Friday, and that morning, I woke up to the sound of Lore, my girlfriend, typing on the computer as she finished up some financial work. I checked up on a few social networks, turned in a resume for a job I had found an opening for online, and felt rather accomplished by the time she asked if I wanted anything to eat. Bless the God and Goddess for peaceful mornings.

Delightful smells floated from the kitchen and upstairs as I got dressed, Lore hard at work in the kitchen. I headed downstairs with the laundry, and proceeded to sort it out and get to cleaning. After our brunch was complete, we sat down on the couch, watched a little TV, and started talking about our plans for the day.

The house we were residing in was located decently out in the rural area of Texas. We were at least twenty to thirty minutes away to the small town over, and about an hour from the city. I wanted to go to the bookstore in search of one of Scott Cunningham's works, but by the time we could of headed out, it wouldn't of left us much time to do things. Well, better saved for tomorrow.

As Lore and I sat comfortably on the couch together, I was suddenly struck with an idea.

“Lets go for a walk,” I suggested to her. The area we lived in was absolutely gorgeous. Lore agreed, and after getting some shoes on, we headed out, hand-in-hand.

Now, while I love Mother Nature and all its glorious things, I am a city girl through and through. So, me asking to just randomly take a walk through the woods is usually odd. However, because of the new area we had been walking around already a few times, so for the moment it wasn't an especially odd request.

But the God and Goddess had been whispering, perhaps, and it urged me to go.

Lore and I made our way through the forest trail, listening to its soft noises, and walking through its tall grass and under its secretive trees. Its paths always seemed to call out to me, but today, especially so. They seemed so much more magickal today, with their spindly tall blades of emerald green grass, and the hint of gold patches that gleamed across the path as the setting sun beamed through. The bark of the trees was almost silver, and every little blooming spring flower was precious and charming.

The weather was wonderful. Today, we decided to take another path down the trail, up a hill, past a little dock that looked as if it hadn't been used in some time... and finally, I pointed down a trail that curved into soft green, tall grass and trees.

“Lets go that way,” I suggested, feeling particularly jovial, and Lore and I turned the corner and down the trail—and that's when I saw it.

It was beautiful. I wish I had my camera, but my cell phone had to do, for the moment.

The trees had suddenly cleared away, showing off the vast lake. A perfect path was cleared off, but it seemed that, despite this, no one passed through the area all that often. Deer prints had been spotted in the dirt. Most likely, many of the walkers veered down the other trail that lead around the lake.

I could imagine a small fire in the dirt patch, and Lore and I dancing under the moon. Beltane had already passed, but come June would be time for the Midsummer, and this looked like the perfect spot to celebrate. Lore commented on how it looked nice to have a picnic there. We moved around the area; there was a sweet, earthy scent that clung to the spring air, giving the spot a heavenly aroma. We moved around, closer to the water, where it was surrounded by a small cage of trees growing out of the shallow water. I felt safe within its hold. Lore hunched over by the water, running her fingers through it as I stared out at the water, the sun layering the choppy waves in a golden-orange blanket.

“This place is perfect! And so beautiful!” I let out, and suddenly, my desire to go out and explore the day all became clear.

“I feel accomplished,” Lore stated from her spot by the water, and I looked over at her.

“...Me too,” I admitted.

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