Monday, 23 May 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Poseidon

 Welcome to another Patron Deities 101 class, where Magick User's University brings the gods to you! We hope you enjoy today's lesson on a Greek/Roman deity. Knowing is half the battle. ♥

Today's honorable patron deity is...!

*~ + POSEIDON + ~ *
To the Romans, he was Neptune.

This guy was a love-machine.

+ About Poseidon
Poseidon was the brother of the other infamous gods, Zeus and Hades. To make a long story short, they basically drew straws and Zeus claimed the Overworld, Hades was stuck with the Underworld, and Poseidon was left with the sea. Poseidon was perfectly fine with that. He merely sat back and watched his brothers tear each other to bits over those little earth chunks.

Poseidon not only ruled the sea, but totally dominated it. The waves, foam, and all the animals that inhabited it were at his beck and call. Also, he was kind of an awesome lover, apparently. He had many, many, many lovers (both female and male), and sired a whole bunch of children, many of them gods, heroes, and other mythological creatures. I suppose when you're a god, you don't need to care about gay rights. He was feared by sailors and people of the sea—and respected.

When the Romans moved in, he kept his mighty vigilance and even his station but under a new name: Neptune. You can find Poseidon easily as a topic in a lot of art and literature. Look for a strong, intimidating figure with a long curling beard riding a lot of waves. The tail of mermaid or the tentacles of an octopus are also common.

+ So what makes Poseidon patron god material?
Poseidon is a well-known god, so his name will instantly invoke the listener with the feeling of the sea. His element is water, a very powerful one, which can instill gentle ripples or destructive waves. Poseidon is strong, and can represent not only water, but power and fertility. A great god to invoke for spells in which great force is needed... and even for the most delicate charms regarding love. He is also great for spells regarding the weather, and safe sea travel. A great god to consider!

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Poseidon
Alternative Names: Neptune (Roman)
Nationality: Greek/Roman
Type: Water god
Physical Appearance: built like a rock, flowing beard, and perhaps the lower-half of a fish or octopus
Colors: Blue, seafoam green, silver
Day of the Week: Tuesday
Attributes: Water, power, fertility, weather, travel (sea)

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