Tuesday, 3 May 2011

7th Spell - The Lore of Names

When you pick up books on magick at your local New Age section in a bookstore, sometimes you find familiar names such as Scott Cunningham or Silver RavenWolf. So what are the differences in those names?

I could point out the silly answers, but leaving behind all the jest, one is a Craft Name. A Craft Name can be used for the sole purpose of practicing magick, apart from your real name, such as Soull for me. While its not necessary to have one, some people feel a sense of separation from their mundane life while using it.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that a person's name (the Ren), was a part of their soul, and so there were great lengths taken to protect it once the person reached their end. They believed that, when the person departed, as long as their name was read and spoken, the soul would stay alive. For that purpose, it was written in as many places as possible, and "wrapped" in a cartouche (magickal rope) to protect it.

Do you have a magickal name?

My girlfriend didn't for the longest time. While we lay in bed together, I suddenly spoke up about it.

“You should have a magickal name.”

“Why?” She spoke, suddenly off-put.

“Well, why not?”

“I dunno. I just... don't think there is anything that would fit me yeah?”

At that, I explained how someone came up with a Craft Name, and suggested some. She knocked them all down as stupid, so I finally picked up a paper and pen.

“Name off some things that represent you. Anything that comes to mind,” I stated. “It doesn't have to be name material. Just give me something to go off of.”

After writing them down, I went and looked up a few other words that made good matches for them, or held the same meaning.

In the end, we had a list that looked something like this:

“Okay,” I stated. “Now... take this list and try combining names. If there are others write them down as well. I marked a few with a dash because I felt like they'd make good suffixes to other words.”

My girlfriend came up with a few mash-ups.

Sage Papyrus

“Sagemaker...” I stated slowly, rolling it off the tongue.

“That sounds like a good last name,” She mused thoughtfully.

Creating Sages since 2011.

“What about a first?” I asked.

We tried paring a few of the other words with it, but none seemed to work. Not really.

We took a break that night, but the following, it came to me.

“Lore...” I let out faintly as I laid beside her. My girlfriend turned over and looked at me.


“I almost called you Lore, a few minutes ago,” I stated. “...Lore.”

“...Lore Sagemaker...” She let out.


I think she liked it.

The same method can be used to find a Craft Name, as well as many others. But remember this: its your Craft Name. The only one who has to like it, is you. ♥

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