Tuesday, 10 May 2011

9th Spell - Prosperity from Nothing

Yesterday was devoted to the hunt.

Lore, my girlfriend, and I waited for our other friend, Kieran, to arrive. And with her arrival, she bore gifts. And not just any gifts! Beautiful hand-crafted amulets. Lore received a necklace made out of green goldstone, which was used by monks in the past as a way to enhance and amplify their abilities. On the other hand, goldstone was thought to have been created by alchemists on their search for a way to formulate gold. One can say its purpose in magick is to bring prosperity from nothing. Its a rather uplifting stone. I keep one in my purse, along with my pendulum.

My own was a delicate silver bracelet with a huge rock (haha, you know girls and their jewelry) of amethyst.

Amethyst is a stone used for protection, and has been for awhile. Also, a amethyst fades in the sunlight, and is at its brightest during cloudy days. Interesting, isn't it? I also got a very belated, but still very awesome birthday present of the Urban Decay Naked palette, which for those whom are not into makeup, is a very nice eyeshadow palette that consists of mainly nude colors from light to dark.

While we did have errands to run, after we completed them, our mission was clear. We were on the hunt for a certain book, two, actually. One was a journal, a nice, blank journal to write inside, and then, Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham, which consisted of a comprehensive list of herbs and spices and other foods that one used in the kitchen, and their meaning when used in Kitchen Witchery. The book was for Lore, but I was also interested in owning it, if only for the sake of expanding my own personal knowledge.

We headed to Half-Price Books, to which, we found the journal I was looking for! At least, something that would do. It was a book that had a cover crafted of tissue paper and glue... a method I am familiar with. At the time, I wasn't completely sure that was the exact method, but that's what it looked like.

I'll cover a bit more on the book, what I want it for, and how I plan to recreate it... once I put together its composition in a Spellcraft 101 post. If it works, of course.

Alas! While there, Kieran and I bumped into the very first book of spells we ever got! I read it while I was in middle school, and I remember feeling so powerful, secretive, and mystic reading it, hidden in books during my Reading class.

It was The Book of Spells by Nicola de Pulford. It was a hardcover book, solid black, with silver writing etched into the front and tied together with a silver ribbon. I remember it being very enticing as a twelve-year-old. Lore kind of watched us gasp and awe over it, before cracking a joke that she felt alone in the whole exclamation over it. It made sense. Lore, in comparison, was relatively new to the whole world of Witchcraft.

The guy at the counter commented on my bracelet, which is always nice, and the three of use headed out after a small conversation of people looking for interesting books for their Book of Shadows, which he also made, but of course, they ran hundreds of dollars, of course. Mine was for something like that... but not quite.

Since the search was fruitless, we made a game of going to almost all the Half-Price Books in the area (having already exhausted Barnes & Noble and Borders, which was shutting down). But alas! Still, nothing on the book. It was a bit disappointing, but we did order it in from another bookstore in case we didn't find it.

While at Hobby Lobby to pick up a few supplies for craft works, Lore reminded me that we still needed to look for a chalice. So! Through the glassware we went.

Now, Lore and I are rather... unconventional. So, instead of finding a “real” glass, we were both attracted by a candle holder.

“But really,” Lore stated as I picked it up, looking it over. “It serves the same purpose. It will hold liquid.”

And it wasn't as if we would be running it through the dishwasher or anything....

So in the end, we found our chalice. I thought it was rather splendid.

It will need a bit of sprucing up (some embellishments on the handle!), but its perfect for the moment. Perhaps that would make another good Spellcraft 101 class!

All-in-all, it was a good day. Though I never found the book I had been looking for, it wasn't a day wasted. I suppose it was a lot like the goldstone I carry around in my purse. I was able to obtain prosperity from nothing. When was a time you were able to do the same?

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