Thursday, 30 June 2011

Patron Deities 101 - Loki

Welcome to another Patron Deities 101 class, where Magick User's University brings the gods to you! We hope you enjoy today's lesson on a Norse deity. Knowing is half the battle. ♥

Today's honorable patron deity is...!

*~ + Loki + ~ *
Alternatively, Loptr

His happiness is your potential bad day.

+ About Loki

Who doesn't know about Loki? He is one of the most infamous gods of Norse mythology, and many tales, books, movies, you name it, have had him in it.

Loki has the bad reputation as a trickster god, whom would cause trouble and mayhem for those in Norse mythology. He's known for letting loose strings of insults and has a silver tongue. His sharp wit can be attributed to his association with the element of air. But did you know that other tales say he was the exact opposite? Many tales say he wasn't a trickster, but actually a rather fine guy who assisted the gods when needed. So which is real?

Perhaps that's up for you to decide.

He's been on many an adventure with Thor, the god of thunder and weilder of the great hammer that protects the land of the gods, Asgard. Loki is also the father of three other gods: the Great Wolf Fenrir, the World Sepent, and Hel, Goddess and keeper of the Underworld. Quite a family there. 

If anything, one can take away from this that Loki is unpredictable. Whether a trickster or a helper... who really knows what this guy is thinking?

+ So what makes Loki patron god material?

For those of you who like tricks and treats, Loki is your guy. As he was also known as a shapeshifter, his unpredictability and ability to adapt makes him compatible for a lot of spell work that a witch may find themselves doing. He's quirky, fun, and mischievous. A great patron, and companion, if you don't mind the occasional joke being pulled on you (where did my keys go?).

+ Holy Statistics, Soull!

Name: Loki
Alternative Names: Loptr
Nationality: Norse
Type: Trickster god
Physical Appearance: Fiery red hair and green eyes. Usually depicted as a slight figure.
Colors: Green, red, yellow, white
Day of the Week: Thursday
Attributes: Air, luck, revenge

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  1. How is Loki's day of the week Thursday, when that's Thor's day?