Wednesday, 22 June 2011

11th Spell - Merry Litha!

Happy Litha! ♥ Or Midsummer, whichever you call it. As you may or may not know, Litha falls on or around June 21st. Its widely considered a holiday for lovers, as well as for the Patron Deities of fire, light, and the sun! Also, its the beginning of the summer and marked as the longest day of the year—which is great for us magick folk because, party hearty!

I had asked Lore if on this day, if she wanted to go to our sacred spot (where we celebrated the full moon and cleansing the ritual area last month) and celebrate by being out in the sunshine and having a picnic. She agreed it was a good idea, so we settled in for the night, prepared for a good sleep.

But then it started raining.

At the moment we were going through a drought, so any rain was good (even if the earth soaked it all up). The sky outside was having a field day with lightning. The white streaks tore across the sky, shooting down to the earth, clinging to clouds, and crawling across the darkness. I took a step outside on the upstairs balcony to admire the view, before asking Lore to join me.

“It smells so earthy,” I commented, and Lore nodded.

“I like the smell of rain,” She added, and we both looked up at the sky.

It was then a particularly bright and devious bolt of lightning struck down from the sky, lighting up the whole neighborhood. Lore spun around off the balcony and took off in a run to the bedroom.

“See ya.”

...Of course.

I merely followed in afterward, thinking that the weather would be nice atmosphere. I began pondering on reading a book I had gotten from Half Price Books that day, or if I would play the computer game Dracula: Origins that I had scored from the same place.

While I pondered on either witches or vampires, it was then that the power went out.

 Though you probably could have imagined that without my help.

The light flickered on and off for a bit, and I pulled the plug on my laptop as I watched the flickering continue. Lore and I sat side by side on the bed, staring at the light, before it finally went off completely.

I closed my computer.

“That's probably a sign for us to go to bed,” I stated, and Lore agreed, flopping down on the bed sideways and looking out the glass doors of the balcony. I laid my head down on her shoulder, both of us watching the lightning outside creating a strobe effect in our dark room. It was pretty, certainly, and I watched the light brighten the whole sky. I wondered if any of the trees outside would be struck by lightning or not.

But as we lay there enjoying the view, the wind picked up. The rain pounded down harder. The trees beat against the wooden balcony, and finally, heavy cracks and thumps sounded. Hail! Chunks of ice started hitting the ground. We stepped out into the hallway to make sure the glass was okay, when I heard the howling of the cat, Fritz.

“Is he outside?!” Lore and I exclaimed, and we started heading towards the stairs quickly. Luckily, by the time we made it there, Fritz tore up the stairs, indicating he was inside. I was instantly relieved.

Lore started texting a few of her friends outside of the area, asking if they knew if there was a tornado watch or warning issued (since we had no electricity to check the TV or internet). There was nothing of the sort in sight, just a bit of a nasty storm, so we headed back to our bedroom, and finally went to sleep.

However, though the morning arrived, and the day was clear once more, the electricity had still not come back on. Lore and I plodded downstairs (as it was cooler there), and I splayed on the smaller couch while she sat in the recliner, holding her Nintendo DS.

“You know,” I let out after about twenty minutes. “...Its kind of like we're celebrating Litha right now. Its supposed to be for patrons of fire and the light and sun, right? And at the moment, we have no electricity, and no heat to cook anything, and the sun is just outside, beaming away on us.”

“Reaaaaally makes you appreciate modern conveniences, yeah?” Lore let out, standing from her chair. “I'll go make ya some watermelon. Sound good.”

Curse the stereotypes. “Yes,” I stated, and closed my eyes. “Happy Litha, darling.”

EDIT: The power didn't come back on all day! But it finally did sometime today, in the morning. Remember, fellow witches, to appreciate what the gods and goddesses have given you!

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