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Intro to Magickal Texts - Everyday Witch A to Z

Intro to Magickal Texts is a course in Magick User's University that strives to promote the reading of material outside of the site to broaden your own horizon! These books are written by great authors who certainly know their stuff, and can enlighten you in any aspect of magick! From general knowledge to the specifics of witchcraft in general, Intro to Magickal Texts hopes to touch base with them all. Lets see what we have in store for today!

Everyday Witch A to Z
Deborah Blake

I decided to start off this course with a general book! Afterward, it will be all in the air, so to speak.

+ So what is this book about?
Everyday Witch A to Z is a simple, but still informative guide book to the world of witchcraft. Written in a humorous fashion, it goes over a number of topics, from the Sabbaths, altar tools, an even terms used by witches in today's society.

Under each letter is a handful of terms that Ms. Blake decides to go over. For example, the letter C contains the following words up for review: coven, Craft, Crone, colors, cakes and ale, correspondences, candles, and Charge of the Goddess. How many of those terms do you know? You may know all of them, but I can almost guarantee that, no matter how seasoned you may believe yourself to be when it comes to magick, this book will teach you something new.

The book is also humorously co-authored by Magic the Cat, who throughout the book answered letters from other witches, adds in a few spells, and generally inputs his “cat-tascular” wisdom. There are also fun lists, jokes, and even recommended reading in case you want to learn more! All-in-all, a win-win situation, and a fun book.

+ Who do you recommend it to?
This is a great book for someone who's curious about witchcraft, as well as beginners, and even people who have forgotten why they started on the path. With its wit and fun tidbits here and there, this is good book for anyone!

+ So where can I buy it?
After exhausting your local discount bookstores (like I tend to do), and of course your local retailers, if you still can't get a hold of it, you can order it directly from the Llewellyn website! If you're interested in learning more about Deborah Blake, check out her website:

Happy Reading!

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