Sunday, 26 June 2011

12th Spell - And Today I Met a Pixie

I hadn't been having the best couple of days. One can tell by my hair. I had unceremoniously thrown it back into a ponytail instead of taking the usual painstaking route of straightening it. So, my friend Kieran thought a day out would be good for me. After dropping off Lore at a local bookstore, we headed out to the Galleria, which is the high-end mall of the area. What were we there for?


So much chocolate. We ended up getting a chocolate shake, which was delicious with its tiny, tiny little chocolate bits in it. They stuck to the sides of my mouth and melted. Sweet delicious melting.

Witchcraft if I ever saw it.

I was looking for something new to read in the magick department, so we hit up a couple of bookstores before going to the rather large Half-Price Books in Dallas. It was there that Kieran and I split up, and I teetered over to the Metaphysics and Magick section to see if they had anything interesting available.

When I turned the corner, there was a young girl sitting on the floor, right in the corner of the section I was browsing in. Since she wasn't in the area I was trying to look at (yet), I ignored her. However, she spoke up first.

“Am I in your way?” She asked.

“No, you're fine,” I stated off-handedly, waving towards her so she knew she was all right. I was trying to concentrate on what I was looking at (what had I been looking at?), but my eyes kept drifting towards her hands, watching her pick at some of the books. Admittedly, I was being a bit of a vulture, but she looked to be in my target demographic for the blog so I was watching to see what she was reading.

Watching. I felt like such a creeper.

She eventually scuttled away, and I moved into the spot she'd been occupying to finally get back to what I was doing—right. Looking for a book on magick theory. I looked over to she she had approached an older woman, and she said, “mom”, so...

I thought it was rather interesting, seeing that her mom was here with her. Not at the bookstore, actually in the magick section with her. It completely blew my mind. I wanted to strike up a conversation with Pixie (yes, I already gave her a naaaame, due to her haircut—which was so adorable--)

I should of just complimented her then and just upped the creeper factor.

Regardless, she finally made her way back over to me. Perhaps it was to put a book away, or get another one—I couldn't tell you. That was because I was wondering how to approach her and strike up a conversation. One that didn't sound stupid. My self-confidence was rather on the low side this week so my usual suave tendencies were out the window. I must of used it up at my past two modeling shoots.

But this was a test: how did you strike up a conversation with another (potential) witch? There were many questions I could of asked, in hind sight. In fact, I was laughing on the way home from the bookstore when I told Kieran how I idiotically opened up the conversation. It went a lot like this, actually:

Pixie: [ doing something in my general vicinity. This was when my mouth decided to act without my brain's permission ]

Me:  Excuse me, um... how old are you?


How old are you?
How old are you?

...Did I seriously just say that?

Wooooow. I was just hitting all 10s today in being a complete weirdo. It sounded like I was trying to pick her up at a bar or something! But it was too late by then. I'd said it, and now I was just hoping she didn't look at me oddly and go, “Mooooom...?”

Pixie seemed to take it coolly enough. “Sixteen,” She answered. Yes! Score one for University Witch!

“Oh!” I remarked, and tried to smooth it all over casually. “You just looked so much older!” Yes, save yourself while you can, Soull.

We did get to talking, and I got to use my card (second time that day!), but her mother eventually came over to talk, as well as Kieran. We stood around chatting for a good hour or so, and I realized, after giving Pixie's mother my card and email as well, that I felt really good about myself. I kind of felt like I learned something too.

Us witches don't have to be solitary.

It just takes one brave step forward to find others.

The meeting was enough of a good thing to get my mind off of some stuff, and really, that was the point of the day, wasn't it? I even got an interesting book out of the deal.


  1. This couldn't be more true. We live in a society that's either not very open minded or just generally ignorant of our practices. Going out and meeting people of like minds is always a fun thing. Really we should try and do it more often |D

  2. This is true. It kind of forced me to put to practice what I had written in the guide book I'm trying to publish...

    ...But it worked, at least!

  3. Pixie and I enjoyed meeting you two so much! We feel so honored to be a part of your blog. You are an amazing writer Soull. It sure didn't seem like we were talking that long. You gals are such a joy to talk to. We would really like to meet up with you two again for another visit sometime.

  4. Sounds great! You guys have my email, and any comment you make here also goes directly to it! I hope to hear from you guys soon!

  5. Hey! It's me pixie! your websight is freakin awesome Soull! the first thing that popped up was a story about a pixie. then I realized it was ME! :D I had so much fun meeting more people like me(AKA you guys). it's not very often i get to have a conversation about witchcraft and be so open about it! Anyways.. Hope to see ya soon! -Pixie^_^

  6. Same here! Make sure to email me so I have yours as well! Stay in touch!