Saturday, 18 June 2011

Clover Comic Coming to University Witch + Interview

I'm proud to introduce a new aspect to University Witch! We will be hosting a small four-panel style comic here, which will be fondly known as the Clover Comic. This comic stars the young witch Clover, a freshman at Magick User's University. In between updates here, Clover's tales of triumph and learning will be posted for the readers of University Witch to enjoy!

Here to talk about the upcoming comic is the witch herself! Give a big hand to Clover! ♥

The Magickal Interview of the Year!

University Witch: Hello there, Clover! Its nice to meet you!

Clover: Nice to meet you too!

UW: Well, I'm Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch. Here at our blog, your story about attending Magick User's University is going to be one of the highlights! So, how does it feel having your days as a college student out on display for everyone to see?

Clover: Mmm... its a little nerve-racking, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

UW: What about the Clover Comic do you think will get people to read it?

Clover: Well, its an American/European twist with a sort of manga style to it! The story line is really simple and lighthearted... and with how often I'll probably mess up, filled with lots of gags. [ nervous laughter ]

UW: You don't think such a basic plot will turn people away?

Clover: Maybe, but... the [art and story] style is charming, and endearing, which makes how simple it is nice to read. Its not an epic, just a slice-of-life... but a magickal one.

UW: So what exactly is the plot of the Clover Comic? 

Clover: Well, its about me, Clover, attending Magick User's University! Witches from all over the world go there to learn magick at a higher level. Previously, all magick is taught at home. The problem is, I'm not the best at it, so a lot of things tend to go wrong. But that's why there's a school!

UW: So its a story about you becoming a well-trained witch.

Clover: For the most part. Its more about the lifestyle of being a witch, and seeing the world from that point of view. There might be some sad parts, and lots of fun parts, but that's life too!

UW: Speaking of your lifestyle, tell us a little about your family.

Clover: Sure! Well, its a small, almost typical American family. There's my mom, who's a pediatric surgeon, and my dad, who's the witch of the two. He's a stay at home dad, but he does do work as a party planner exclusively for witches, like, for the Sabbaths! And of course, there's my little brother, Yew. He's seven years old, and as annoying as he is cute... which is very.

UW: Any pets?

Clover: We have a family cat, Quicksilver. I want a pet, but I haven't gotten one of my own, yet.

UW: Tell us a little about yourself. Do you have any hobbies?

Clover: Me? Hm... I'm eighteen... and I'm just... normal, I guess? I like going to the mall, arts and crafts, and I read shoujo manga! And I've never had a real job, but I'm always asked to babysit for the kids in the neighborhood, so that's a decent amount of pocket change. Plus, I get an allowance.

UW: What class at MUU are you looking forward to taking?

Clover: Spellcraft 101, definitely!

UW: The least?

Clover: Intro to Magickal Texts. I'm so bad with reading material. How can someone possibly memorize all this stuff?!

UW: [laughs] What's your favorite thing about being a witch?

Well, being able to do magick is one of them... but I think I really like the freedom of being able to set your own path, and strive for things you believe in.

UW: The least?

Clover: Mmm... the misconceptions of being a witch. Magick isn't evil. Its what you do with it.

UW: Well, thanks for the interview, Clover! We look forward to your comic at University Witch.

Clover: No problem!

UW: Any last words?

Clover: Yes! Thank you for the interview, and I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Clover Comic here at University Witch! Please come see us soon! Bye! ♥

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