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Famous Witches: Watanuki Kimihiro + HAPPY 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Salutations, Witches and Mundanes!

Today is a special day, April 1st! Not only is it April Fools Day, but also the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of University Witch! Yes, this blog started last year on April 1st, and a lot has happened since then. The blog has definitely grown, and I want to give a shout-out to every single person who came and read any of the articles, tried any of the spellcrafting projects, and those who spread the love! But enough about sappiness.

This particular Famous Witches: Real and Fictional course is dedicated to my favorite little witch, who's birthday also happens to fall on this very day! So, without further delay, lets celebrate our one year anniversary with a little bit of magick!


Watanuki Kimihiro
Also known as “The Space-Time Witch” or “The Shopkeeper”

So who is Watanuki Kimihiro?
Watanuki Kimihiro is a fictional character, created by CLAMP for the series xxxHolic, which crosses over with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. He starts off, presumably, as a normal teenage boy, however hosts a strange attribute: the ability to see spirits. They also happen to follow him around, because his blood smells very good. The series follows his supernatural exploits under the witch Yuuko Ichihara, who owns a shop that can grant any wish. Watanuki makes the wish for the spirits to stop following him, and thus becomes employed under indentured servitude to the witch. With the help of his friends Doumeki (whom repels spirits), Himawari (a girl whom deals out bad luck unintentionally), and the pipefox Mugetsu (a sort of guardian for the young man), Watanuki spends his days outside of school encountering zany supernatural antics. The series also focuses on how he ties in with the characters Princess Sakura and Syaoran.

What makes them special?
Watanuki is an “ordinary boy” who, though magick and strange circumstances, becomes something extraordinary. Throughout the series he begin developing powers that always lay dormant within him, such as being precognitive (the ability to see the definite future, not just what may be), and also is known by otherworldly creatures as being a kind person, as well as a great cook (does that make him a Kitchen Witch, then?). He also has the ability to walk through dreams, and travel the astral plane.

The turning point for Watanuki is that he eventually takes over the wish-granting shop he was once employed under. Soon, his powers grow and he becomes one of the most powerful witches in the universe, spanning dimensions.

Where can I learn more about Watanuki?
You can check out his story in the manga and anime series xxxHolic, but he can also be spotted in the sister series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, and well as other CLAMP works such as Kobato, Drug & Drop, and Blood-C.

While xxxHolic for the most part can be comedic, it is a suspense-genre show, and there can be some parts in it that can potentially be creepy and also, violent. Be advised, before deciding to watch with children!

Supernatural Statistics:
Name: Watanuki Kimihiro
D.O.B: April 1st
Sign: Aries
Alliance: Neutral
Known for: His good cooking, good-tasting blood, precognitive powers, dream-walking, wish-granter
Familiar: The pipefox, Mugetsu
Tool of Choice: -None-

Thank you, everyone, for taking a look at this particular post. I'm happy to have managed to survive with this blog one year. I hope I am able to spend another with out, and continue to bring you information on all things magickal!

Merry Meet, and Merry Meet Again!
Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch

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