Friday, 3 February 2012

And many thanks.

Another Sabbat has passed us, and the end to the first month of the mundane New Year is over!

I recently wrote an article about being a witch. I've learned through it that there are a lot of people that perhaps feel the same as I do, that they neglect their spiritual selves in favor of maintaining the strain of their day-to-day life. Admittedly, it can be hard and stressful. I was very moved by the multiple private messages I got from it. I hear from such a variety of different individuals, that I was touched by all that I read.

When I did go through all of them, I realized: this is the reason I write. This is the reason I maintain the University Witch blog, why I keep learning, why after awhile of beating around the bush, I fully embraced my faith for all that it is.

For those who stumbled upon here because of the article, or for those who follow the site, or even for those who come here for the first time!... thank you very much!


Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch


  1. Miss University Witch I must tell you that I did indeed stumble upon this blog from your article on witchvox and it might not be odd to you but, it is indeed to me.Let me tell you why.

    I've been going through a religious upheaval and slump at the same time. Like you I have neglected my spiritual side for quite some time and due to my current living conditions I can't even place up an alter. Or I could but I would be livid if anyone touched it.

    During this time I discovered that my matron deity had changed again (this happens with me) and I was given over to my new one surprised but extremely pleased. But even that hasn't been able to completely cut through my spiritual gloom. I haven't practiced anything for months and just recently cleaned my chakras and got my energy flowing properly. Truth be told I never visit witchvox and today as I was looking up pagan programs in Philadelphia,PA and wishing that there was an active pagan community here, I visited witchvox and saw your article. Funny thing is I never read the articles on witchvox, they make me jealous of the active magical communities out there. But there I saw the manga character by your article (if you drew her I must say you are awesome) and I read...and everything you had written was exactly how I have been feeling, not to mention i'm new to blogging sites and want to learn to blog but first I want to follow some really great blogs...and then I found yours, which I now follow.

    Another thing that struck me about you is that you are from Texas. One of my favorite authors a miss Dianne Slyvan (she wrote a great pagan book called "The Body Sacred")is also from Texas and I follow her blog Crazybeautiful. She is a wonderful spiritual nomad who I think you would like.

    I'm not sure but are you African american? I know it's a weird question but I am and I find it so hard to find any witches of the same ethnic group as me (actually when I show up for gatherings I am looked at kinda oddly)

    Oh and I was born on December 24 a cusp baby too. I just wanted to know what was your cusp date?

  2. I keep checking this blog hoping for an update! Hope all is well and you grace us readers with a new entry sometime soon!