Monday, 23 January 2012

22nd Spell - The Curse

When I answered the phone groggily from my bed, Lore's grandmother was on the other line, and she was casting a voodoo hex on me.

I stayed on the line as she chanted my name, basically told me to die and get hit by a car or something, and said that the “devil was going to take my soul” before hanging up on me. I stared blankly at the phone for a moment, before setting it down on the bedside table, and laying back in bed with the confused look still on my face. Lore was in the bathroom at the time.

My body was shaking.

But it wasn't in fear, oh no.

It was almost as if a surge of magickal energy had rushed through me, practically begging me to put it to use. It was consisted entirely of a strange mixture that included rage, justice, and just plain will-power. I couldn't believe what had happened.

Lore has had problems with her family but I had thought her grandmother and her were all right. I could only imagine what Lore's mother must have said to her to get her riled up like that. She just threatened my life over the phone. Wasn't that grounds for some minor legal action? Why did it always come down to suing each other with Lore's family?

I was still tired, but I was sincerely thinking about calling the cops. Sure, she used references to cursing me and casting voodoo on me and all of that, but in the end, she was still hoping that I'd be killed. In the end, I decided doing anything wasn't worth it in the long run, at least not for what seemed like some foolish family feud.

During the conversation, all I had managed to say were a few things. Most notably, at the end, when I stated, “...Your words will do nothing to me. You're asking for my evil to come back to me... and I have done nothing, and so, nothing shall happened.” I know the Threefold Rule. I also know basic multiplication. Times it by three, ten, one-hundred, how every many numbers you want: when you multiply by zero, you still get zero.

Why, one must wonder, do people cast curses? While this is a long, drawn out explanation with plenty of history behind it (perhaps I shall go over it at a later date), there is one thing that always comes to my mind when I think of curses.

Before Lore left for work, I had done a protection spell on her. I took sage and burned it in the house, around every door and window, and in every room. We both shook the Witch Bottle. She looked to me with that usually smiling face of hers, but her usual, slightly-cocky look was gone and filled with worry as she gazed at me. Lore told me she was anxious.

“I'm not,” I stated faintly as I held the steadily burning sage incense stick in my hand. “...Because no harm will come to me.” But curses don't just vanish into thin air. They will always go somewhere. “...But your grandmother is foolish. She's trying to curse me... and we all know the best way to hurt someone...

“Is to hurt the people you care for,” We both said in unison.

When she left the house, I stood in the dining room, moving the stick on incense in front of me, around me, meditating, zoning out, and allowing myself to become completely focused on the scent of sage and the calming air around me as I enveloped myself into an attuned state.

Cast whatever curse you wish on me
It will only come back to thee.
Harm not I, nor yourself, or she.
But if pain comes with the retribution
Then I hope you learn your lesson.
Only one can rain down hatred and hurt
Your God, my God, our God.
Heed these words:
I bear you no ill-will
Just the inevitable.

If you ever find yourself in a bad position in life, and someone curses you, always be wary. No, not all people believe in magick, but there is magick in every person. You curse someone by wishing them misfortune and hurt fueled by your own hatred... so think about everything that you say.

...Because it will come back to you.

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