Thursday, 12 January 2012

21st Spell - Techno-Witchcraft

Lore always cracks jokes at how technologically-challenged she is, but that's truly not the case. Entirely, at least. But, I'm a gadget and tech-nerd, so automatically my tech-savvy trumps hers. I love the newest shiny things, even if I can't afford them. An important part of magick to me is to find it in everything... even in science and technology. Though, any other form of media will tell you that science and magick don't mix together (anyone ever read Saiyuki)?

A couple of days ago, I got one of my Yule gifts from Lore in the mail. It was a little belated, but I didn't mind at all. So what was this gift?

A Kindle Touch.

"Heavenly Lights" only included with the addition of imagination.

When I initially received it, I thought it was a strange gift. I wasn't a big fiction reader, and had no idea as to what I would use it for. Though, it would be a great gateway to start reading more, but it was missing the feel of holding a real, hard book in your hands.

So what could I use it for?

I thought about it for awhile, but when I looked more into its features (it even had its own email address, how cool was that?!), an idea struck me.

I had always been tech-savvy, on the go... the idea of a portable library suddenly became extremely intriguing. While no, it could never truly replicate the feel of an actual library, the thought was certainly powerful in its own right: so much knowledge at your fingertips. And, with the ability to import documents onto the Kindle, I immediately fell in love with the idea:

An electronic Book of Shadows.

I immediately downloaded a few starter books and things of interest for the beginnings of a BOS. What did I want to put in here? I decided to start with basic things such as a book on amulets and stones, as well as one on herbs for magickal as well as practical uses. I was never very big on spellbooks, but I thought that if there were any that did catch my interest... I could keep them on here! Also, with the document uploader, I could easy write notes and put them on the Kindle, or email the Kindle itself!

I gave it a name: BOSS, which is short for... well, you wouldn't get it.

I had written a book over a year ago, which was what prompted me to start up this blog. Since all it does is sit on my computer collecting dust, perhaps I'll publish it so it can be downloaded as an eBook. Wouldn't that be swell? I had often thought of tech ways to have a BOS... and really, this is a lot smaller and cheaper than a netbook, or keeping it all on an easily losable USB drive that you still have to plug into a computer.

So what does Lore have to think about all of this so called “techno-witchcraft”?

Lore has her own idea for the Kindle... a Kitchen Witch's compilation of recipe books.


  1. A most cool idea! :)

    PlaidCat in Halifax, NS, Canada

  2. Yes, it is! It can be very useful if you're starting a collection! I want to mainly use it for spell books--I hardly by those since I like to write them, but it could be very useful.

  3. I agree with you on a great deal here. I want an ipad even though I have a netbook (it must be the advertisements) But not only do i not have the money for it I don't know what I would do with one. I'm a book lover and the feel of a new book in my hands is without compare but the thought of a traveling virtual reverence book? Now that's awesome! It would be great to take my magical work on the go and have book for everything I need without having to lug my library around.

    I write my own spells so that wouldn't be the problem as finding the references I need for magical work or discussion.

    Now I know if I ever did get one as a gift or invest in one what I would do.

    Thanks for the idea!