Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hiatus Witch

So this is what its like to take a hiatus...

I've been meaning to put this post up for awhile, but have been putting it off, because I keep telling myself, with a wide and hopeful expression, "Oh no, even though you're living in the desert for a bit, you'll totally be able to update!"


Admittedly, its been a rough couple of months. Its especially hard being away from Lore.

So, for an indefinite amount of time (though I'm hoping only for... a month longer), University Witch is taking a hiatus! But at the same time, I feel as if I've somewhat outgrown what I wanted to use this website for...

I wanted a fun, no-bars approach to the life of magick. Magick is a way of life. That thus makes it beyond just merely a religion, its something that's been integrated into your everyday life that now, it would become hard to separate it.

Anyway! Now that my little... blurb is out of the way. I've also taken on a number of personal projects (and cramming my way back into classes this semester), so hopefully we'll see how it all goes!

I'll also be adding a list of essays and guests posts I've done! I've been meaning to for awhile; I should probably do that...

Good luck in all your magick endevours!

Soull Soothslayer, the University Witch


  1. My hats rotten to everybody that's away here serving and for the respite that are production it promising for them to be at hand.

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